So Why Are People Calling Herbalife Mlm Venture A Gimmick?

by Wole Lawrence - Date: 2010-10-15 - Word Count: 498 Share This!

The people calling Herbalife a scam are usually the folks that were involve in the business before but failed at it. Just like any enterprise, individuals will fail at it. People that say an Network marketing business like Herbalife is a gimmick are usually the folks that I called "Tired Kickers". These are the people that are not willing to do what ever it takes to be prosperous in the multi-level marketing business. These are the people that for some reason think that their upline is supposed to do every thing for them. These are the individuals that let life get in the way of their success. These are the folks that are not consistent enough to achieve success in the Network marketing business. Herbalife is a venture. Should you think it's some kind of hobby and you really don't take it serious, you will fail it. That is a simple fact.

The individuals calling Herbalife a scam are individuals that were never thought the most crucial skill that you need to have in order to reach your goals in Herbalife or any other MLM business. This skill is marketing. We Network Marketers forget that we are marketers. Don't get me wrong here. You have to network. But the theory that you will make millions of dollars with just family and friends is just ridiculous to me. You will operate out of your warm market. You must have a marketing plan in place.

Some of them that know that they have to market are simply marketing the wrong thing. I will put this as simple as I could put it. You must market yourself. Herbalife is doing a great job of marketing themselves already. This is certainly YOUR Venture. Individuals WILL DO Venture WITH Individuals. As great as Herbalife products may be, people will join your team only because of you. Individuals that go over the online saying that Herbalife is a scam are the individuals that refuse to understand this simple concept. These same individuals will call all other MLM businesses a gimmick.

Lastly, the people calling Herbalife a gimmick are the ones that do not know how to leverage the online to explode their business. You can choose to do your Herbalife business at the Starbucks or you could choose to leverage the internet and strategically place your enterprise in front of millions of folks on the online daily.

Network marketing leads are the life of your venture. You need far more people to speak to than you can certainly possibly talk to. Among the major explanations why people have problem recruiting is because they get their emotions involved in the process. Network marketing is a numbers game. If you have 30 people to converse to everyday, you will not have the time to be sad over a perceived rejection. Creating MLM leads internet is one of the skills set that it's essential to master. All of the top earners in Herbalife and other Network marketing businesses are doing it.

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