Monitium. A Paradigm Shift In Network Marketing

by Jacqui Steward - Date: 2010-10-18 - Word Count: 386 Share This!

As you may have heard, Monitium is representing a huge paradigm shift in Network Marketing. It is introducing a whole new way for Internet Marketers to not only achieve success, but to also maintain that success in the long term.

What IS this paradigm shift that Monitium is causing and how is it going to revolutionize the Network Marketing industry?

Traditionally, the two most important aspects of any Network Marketing company are the products and the compensation plan. If you have a great product, and the 'best' compensation plan, then of course you are going to be able to recruit people easily, right? Wrong.

The problem with this is that every company touts the best product and compensation plan. But really, whose IS the best? With so many companies cropping up, it is not only difficult to choose for yourself, but also to attract people into your company.

With Monitium, there is a movement away from placing the focus mainly on the products and compensation plan and movement towards PEOPLE, and building a team.

What difference is this going to make?

It's going to make a HUGE difference because when it comes down to it, the FIRST part of Network Marketing is the NETWORK --- creating relationships. Building a team first through a membership platform and providing training, tools and resources to that team on how to become a marketing expert and leader, provides a solidity that hasn't existed before.

Then, as MLM opportunities whose products and compensation plans have been thoroughly researched by the company leaders at Monitium, are presented, every member of your team then has the choice whether to join the opportunity or not.

There is no more having to recruit based on the latest and greatest product or compensation plan. That will be taken care of for you, and all you have to do is to recruit the best PEOPLE for your team - people who you can help to become marketing experts and leaders themselves.

This paradigm shift towards people and team that Monitium has created will lead the way for the success rate of Network Marketers to skyrocket and for Network Marketing to become a reality for people who have the dream of financial and personal freedom.

For more information on how you can be a part of the revolution, check out the resource box below.

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