Is Herbalife Network Marketing Business A Scam?

by Wole Lawrence - Date: 2010-10-15 - Word Count: 498 Share This!

You are on this site because you are thinking if Herbalife is a scam or not. Well you have come to the correct page. You might have already concluded in your mind anyway that Herbalife is a scam and you're just looking for ways to justify your beliefs. There is a big chance that I am goin to be disagreeing with you right now. Ok ok, i'll set this straight now. Herbalife seriously isn't a scam. Believe it or not, there are actually in fact only a handful of Network marketing scams out there. Most of the Network marketing Corporations out there that people are calling scams like Herbalife are in fact legit businesses.
I'm not a rep for Herbalife. So I absolutely don't have any incentives in telling you that Herbalife is not a scam.

Herbalife is marketing products through the multi level marketing venture model otherwise called MLM or Network Marketing as you know already. Herbalife is basically operating under the wealth creation principle called leverage. The name of the game is leverage. If you want to generate income in any shape or form, you must embrace the leverage concept. With Herbalife, you're basically getting paid to market their products. However it is simply impossible to sell enough products to give you financial freedom. This is why you need to develop a group of other business men like you that want to make more money from the comfort of their house. Individuals that have problem with this are the ones calling Herbalife a gimmick.

When you start believing all of the stories and forums you study internet, you must 1st look at how long Herbalife has been in venture. This enterprise started in 1980 and has been growing subsequently. Personally, i don't know of any MLM scam that will last that long. The federal governments especially the United State government is constantly looking for fraudulent businesses that are taking money from individuals. So you can certainly rest assure that they have looked and looked again at Herbalife and came to the conclusion that Herbalife is not a scam.
Herbalife has around 1.9 million representatives around the world. This company is currently distributing in 70 countries. You need to let that sink in. They had $3.8 billion sales volume in 2008. In 2007, Herbalife paid $2.4billion to their associates in pay plans. This is unheard of in any corporation. Do you need any much more proof that Herbalife isn't a scam?

Herbalife is even listed on the New York Stock Exchange and they are members of Direct Selling Associations around the planet. You can go through the New York Stock Exchange list and tell me which enterprise that you would consider a scam. You have to seriously snap out of the Herbalife scam mentality. This is certainly a legit MLM enterprise that is giving regular people like you and me the chance to better our life and be financially free if and only if we are ready to put in the work.

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