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by Joel Broughton - Date: 2010-10-15 - Word Count: 464 Share This!

We'll begin by dealing with the old saying "You get what you pay for". This implies that free things are of little or no value. While that is often the case, there are instances where things that are inexpensive or free actually offer great value and can be quite useful. The key is to understand why someone would offer something for free. On the surface, it doesn't really make sense. If someone offers you something of value, it follows that they should want to profit from the exchange. Well, when we are talking about Free MLM Training, both parties can profit from the exchange.

You are receiving the MLM Training that you wanted which is obviously something of value. But you didn't pay much, or anything, for it. So how does the person or company offering the training see this relationship? How can they offer MLM Training courses for $5 or $1 or even free?

The most common scenario is that you like the training and decide to join them in their MLM Business. Not everyone will join but in theory enough will such that it makes sense to offer the training as the trainers are paid back eventually through the growth of their MLM downline. One of the main issues with this model is the MLM Training being offered has to be useful. If the training isn't interesting or it's hard to follow, then you will not likely be interested in joining their business.

So how do you know whether the MLM Training being offered is any good? Regardless of the price of the training program, there are several ways for you to differentiate the good from the bad. What's nice about the free ones is that you can evaluate the training based on actually going through some of the lessons. It will cost you a little bit of time but you will be able to easily decide whether or not you like the training course. The most important thing for you to look for is the teaching methods they use.

Many people providing MLM Training don't really know what they are talking about or are just plain lazy. Good training will follow the principle of "Show, don't Tell". What this essentially means is that good training will show you how to do something not just tell you to do it. You don't need someone to take an hour to TELL you about how important online advertising is to your network marketing business. You need someone to SHOW you how to implement an effective online advertising campaign with simple, step-by-step instructions. An MLM Training program that TELLS you what to do but doesn't SHOW you how to do it is completely worthless. Never mind whether or not it's free, you can't afford to waste your time.

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