Considering Starting A Home Based Business On The Internet?

by James M Spacey - Date: 2010-10-16 - Word Count: 634 Share This!

I'm someone who has trouble working for someone else. I really hate long periods of routine and I have a little trouble with authority (though it's more the former reason that makes me dislike regular jobs). Several years ago I decided to so something about creating a better life for myself and my family and spend quite a bit of time researching online businesses. In the process I've tried several forms of online business and have learned a lot. I hope to pass on some of those lessons in this article.

Making money online isn't easy. There is a lot of competition, but apart from that there are a lot of different ways to set up your online business, just as there are hundreds of different types of offline business or business model you could use. Deciding on one model can be very difficult and then learning to perfect that model, gaining the necessary knowledge and expertise can be a hard road. If you can stick with it it can pay a fantastic income for you and your family.

Here are some methods of making money online that I've found to be easy to understand and put into practice for anyone, regardless of your level of technical ability.

1. Selling things on eBay. Did you know over a million people sell things on eBay as a part-time or full-time way of making money for themselves? That's right. It is a very popular and successful online business model and one that can be scaled up to earn almost any level of income. You could start by selling your unwanted possessions then start slowly buying things from garage sales or clearance stores and reselling them. You could even find some online dropshipping companies to find cheap supplies you can profit on.

2. Blogging. Just as there are millions of people on eBay there are also millions of bloggers on the internet and even more people reading those blogs on a daily basis. You can blog about almost any subject imaginable and if you're consistent at it and promote your blog on social bookmarking sites then you will soon get a loyal following of readers. You can then promote products to these readers or put advertising on your site.

3. Surveys. A lot of people scoff at the idea of making money from doing surveys but I know several people who do it and earn a full-time income. The secret to making money with surveys is to get a lot of knowledge about how the 'full-time survey business' works. It's more difficult than just signing up with a survey company and waiting... you have to sign up with hundreds or thousands of survey companies and use automating software to help you fill out all the forms. It's a business model that is a bit out of left field, but there are many people who enjoy it.

4. Competitions. Just like the 'survey business' there are full-time 'competitors' on the internet who enter thousands of competitions. In this business you might end up winning a lot of 'stuff' rather than cash, but I know at least one person who combines their competition business with their eBay business, selling unwanted prizes. Admittedly they aren't earning a full-time income from competitions, but they make a good amount of pocket money some months and have a lot of fun.

Some of these ideas might not be for you. They're not meant to be. They are just some ways to make money with no prior experience on the internet and no technical programming ability. But even these things aren't hard to develop. I taught myself to program websites in under 12 months and now I make a lot of money creating websites for myself and other people. It's up to you what you can achieve. Good luck.

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