Five Points on Life Dated 12.10.08

by Dalip Singh Wasan - Date: 2008-10-12 - Word Count: 723 Share This!

Five points on life. dated 12.10.08 Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate. 1. We should think of this life and we should not waste our time on calculating fears what shall happen with us when we shall be before God after our death. We must believe that there is no such question and answer course after our death. We die and we die for ever and nothing remains which shall be present before God. Our elders had been giving us all these fears only to set us right. But it is on record that this man could not be set on right path. All religions and all religious books could not give this man the right path. If we study the records of jails all over the world, we shall come to the conclusion that people from all the religions had been and are committing all types of sins, all types of crimes and all types of misconducts and this process shall go on. If all those who had been establishing religions and who had been writing religious books come back on this earth, they too shall cut a sorry finger because what they wanted, they could not achieve and the people are standing where they were prior to the establishment of religions. Therefore, time has come when we should correct ourselves and must have a faith that we shall be punished for our sins, crimes and misconducts on this earth and while in this life. 2. We should see that we have proper education with us and if our parents could not provide us with proper education, we should try to achieve those targets ourselves. Today we have got facilities of correspondence courses and we can attend evening classes and there are so many institutions which can help us and shall give us opportunity to improve our qualifications and skills. The man who is not having proper education and training with him would not be able to stand with those who are having such qualification, trainings and status and when a man without qualifications shall come in contact with such people, he shall be condemned to inferiority complex. Most of us are suffering inferiority complex because of these shortcomings in us. 3. We must know that there is no hell or heaven after death nor a man shall get salvation. The life on this earth is real and this is the first and the last life for us and we must accept this fact of life;. The religious books tried to give us some directions, but the man of today is not accepting all those thoughts and now we have doubts in each principle which is laid down in religious books. We cannot make this man of today as a religious person and if some persons are looking religious, they are artificial and they are just deceiving us and they are not religious people. Most of the people are turning religious just to earn money and they are earning. 4. We cannot call persons known to us as our friends because the concept of friendship is having different meanings and if we examine our case, we shall come to the conclusion that even we too have one two friends and all others who are near to us are just people known to us and nothing more. We have got reservations in sharing our happiness and sorrows with them. We have not full faith in them and therefore, when we are in need of help, at that time we reach a friend because we know that this is the right person who shall help us. 5. God is a concept created by this man and if we go deep, we find that the man has come with this concept much after his own coming on this earth. And none of us knows when this concept had been established by this man and we do not know when this man started adding all powers with Him and declaring Him as Omnipotent and Omnipresent. The people themselves started establishing religions and then they themselves started concept of these religious books and prayers. The methods of worship have also been created by this man and now it is on record that man has become slave of all these rituals and beliefs. None has the courage to say that God is not there.

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