Set of My Thoughts Dated 17.11.2008

by Dalip Singh Wasan - Date: 2008-11-20 - Word Count: 486 Share This!

Set of my thoughts dated 17.11.2008

(1)        You should try your best and if you are not in a position to achieve target, you should not be losing heart, but should find out another method to complete that project or leave and take up another project which is within your reach.

(2)        If you believe in God, you can pray before Him, but at the same time you should not waste time to trace God and meet Him because these two things are just impossibilities and not possibilities.

(3)        Every one of us must save something for the old age so that you could spend the last days comfortably and happily.

(4)        The life partners must be one with two bodies and if you create some disturbance with the life partner, nothing on earth shall bring you happiness and satisfaction in life.

(5)        If you are citizen of India, you must take care that no one is turning a terrorist or a rioters while living in your neighborhood.

(6)        Read editorials of news papers and then you must think over those thoughts and you must come out with your comments on those thoughts.  This the right approach towards news papers.

(7)        Most of us are criticizing the functioning of Government, but we are not in a position to give suggestions.  If you have got some suggestions please float those suggestions through news papers.

(8)        You should not spend more than your share in the family income because others who are in the family have also got their share and they should not be deprived of their share in the family income.

(9)        When you are out amongst the strangers, you must give good account of yourself so that others may have a good impression of you and of your behaviour.

(10)    When we talk with another person, we must talk in the language which he understands and if talk in another language which he does not understand, our efforts to convey our things to him shall fail.

(11)    You must know what is happening around you and must re-act if you like because you too are a living citizen of the country in which you are living.

(12)    Making progress is your fundamental right and therefore, it is your duty to assess yourself quarterly, half-yearly or annually and you must see that you are going ahead and not backward.

(13)    You should not jealous with your friend, but you should try to achieve those heights with your own efforts.  Comparing your achievements with others means we too should achieve something for which we could be proud of.

(14)    Do not believe that you shall be getting another chance to come on this earth.  Therefore, you should complete your targets within the span of this life.

(15)    God, Devil, Heaven, Hell, Re-birth all are imaginations and therefore, we should not waste our time on these items. 


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