Set of My Likings Dated 26.11.2008

by Dalip Singh Wasan - Date: 2008-11-26 - Word Count: 377 Share This!

Set of my likings dated 26.11.2008

1.        I like that there should be one religion in the world or there should be no religion and these religions of today should not be allowed to divide the people on this earth.

2.        I would like that people give birth to children, but the number should be within those limits which they shall be able to maintain them.

3.        The people who have started killing girl children before their birth are sinners and even God shall not pardon them.

4.        When people are illiterate and unemployed, the state cannot say that they are a democracy.

5.        The people who give wrong promises and do not fulfill those promises they are the people who shall get hell straightway.

6.        When you utilize public money for your own purposes, you are polluting your soul.

7.        People who do not earn their living with their own hands are like beggars and they cannot claim that they are rich people and have got no concern with work.

8.        Public servants must work like public servants and they should not turn rulers because concept of democracy does not allow such a course of life.

9.        It is for you to plan your life and you should not depend upon others because only you know what is in your mind and what is your internal wish.

10.   In spite of all our declarations, we cannot speak the truth and truth only.

11.   We are like dolls in hands of God and the Devil and today this Devil seems to be more powerful.

12.   Woman may be getting some rights, but it seems this man shall not allow her all the equalities.

13.   I like that man and woman when married they must have their own house and they should begin a new life of their own without interference from others.

14.   I like children, but at the same time I like that they should be in schools, in colleges and then in training institutions and they must be at work when they complete their childhood.

15.   I like people at work and they must be doing work with full force at their command and they must be honest and they should not take bribe..

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