Set of My Thoughts Datged L8.11.2008

by Dalip Singh Wasan - Date: 2008-11-20 - Word Count: 331 Share This!

Set of my thoughts dated l8.11.2008.

1.                  In spite of presence of God some children are picked up and turned beggars and even God does not stop such culprits.

2.                  Why women are killed by husbands and people in the house of in laws when they do not bring dowry as per their expectations?

3.                  In democracies people who are elected and appointed are called public servants, but they never become public servants and continue working as rulers and they are keeping the people as slaves.

4.                  When we all accept that we are just dolls in hands of God, then why we work hard to achieve some goals.

5.                  In spite of all democracies in the world, people are still divided into poor, middle class and the rich.

6.                  Even in democracies people are slaves and they are just voters and nothing more than voters.

7.                  In all the countries rich are growing more rich and the poor are being reduced to more poverty.

8.                  None on each can prepare budget of a common man.

9.                  No country is in a position to provide proper education to all eligible children.

10.              No country on earth could write off unemployment from that country.

11.              People shall not unite till these religions are there and people are following the present set of religions.

12.              It is on record that the people who are in the governing classes are rich and the people who are just subjects are still poor.

13.              Money makes the mare go and therefore, each one of us must earn money and keep this money safe in banks and this money shall give a strange type of pleasure to the man who holds this money.

14.              We know that most of our prayers are turned down by God and very rarely, He accepts our prayers.

15.              It must be accepted that people who eat more are attracting diseases and the people who are eating less are healthy people.


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