Set of My Likings Dated 28.10.2008

by Dalip Singh Wasan - Date: 2008-10-28 - Word Count: 606 Share This!

Set of my likings dated 28.10.2008.

(1)        I want that all this process of killing should be stopped.  Even animals should not be killed.  I also want that this death sentence existing in all law books should also be deleted. Every living being should be allowed to live the span provided to it and must die only when God recalls him.

(2)        I wish that all institutions of call girls, prostitutions, rape, adultery be stopped and every man and woman could have the opportunity to have marriage and establish a good house for them.

(3)        I want that each child should be in school, in college and then in a training institute and must be settled in life i.e. at a work from where he should be in a position to bring adequate income with which he should be able to run his family well and should not be a burden on others.

(4)        I wish that God must be present on this earth so that we could talk to Him.  The present process of locating Him is not right because the man is not in a position to find Him out and talk to Him.

(5)        I want that all wise people, all intellectuals must come together and they must prepare a 'Common Holy Book' containing common points so that the people of this world could go ahead and establish a common religion because the present division on the basis of religions shall ruin this world.

(6)        I do not like that people of one country are rich and people living in another country are poor.  Since all are created by one God, all must be equally situate and there should be no discrimination.

(7)        All these democracies are a fraud because the people who are ruling the country are never the people from amongst the people.  This ruling class is totally different from the common people and common people are just voters and  nothing more.

(8)        It must be accepted that people in the ruling classes are indulging in scams, scandals, muddles, bribes, corruption and thus they are turning rich and when they are functioning as such the bureaucracy is also conniving with them.

(9)        Man and woman of equal age should not be left all alone because they shall committing some sins, crime or misconduct and they shall be facing difficulty when their secrets shall be open before the public.

(10)   Man must know all about others living in this world and therefore, he must read news papers, look at TV and also should read comments on news and events happening in the world at large.

(11)   Birth control is in your own interest because if you give birth to more children, your own life shall become hell and you would not be able to bring them up nice people.

(12)   I do not like that people of each religion are trying to have separate country, separate provinces, separate states, separate districts and separate colonies and then separate institutions for their own people in the same religion.

(13)   I do not like that people should hire people for conducting religious ceremonies for them and also pray before God on behalf of those who pay them.

(14)   I like to see happy people and when someone meets me with sad face, I hate such persons and no sense of mercy rises in my heart for them.

(15)   I want to live a normal life and I also wish that my death should be peaceful and I should not lie on bed for so many days.  One day suffering shall be enough for me.


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