Set of My Thoughts Dated 30.10.08

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Set of my thoughts dated 30.10.08

(1)            Keep good relations with all around you especially in your colony and at the site of work place because they are the first who shall be helping you when you are in crises.

(2)            Read books because after leaving school, college and training institutions, the books are the teachers for us and we learn so many things from these books which had been ignored by the teachers who had been teaching us.

(3)            We do not know the world shall unite and form one government and we also do not know there shall be one religion and all religions shall merge in one religion, but till that time come we must create friendship with the man who has come in contact with us.

(4)            Your family members are the first people who have been sent by God Himself and therefore, they are the first best friends and we must accept this reality.

(5)            We should not discuss what God is and who established God on this earth because the concept of God is with us since time immemorial and we are not in a position to find out the truth.

(6)            We are not in a position to count the helps which our parents had afforded to us and therefore, we should never waste our time on this exercise.  We must be thankful to the parents and must accept that they had afforded all type of heop to us and we must be thankful to them.

(7)            Do not stop making progress because life become bore when we do not go ahead like water of a river.  Progress and change give us booster to us and we make more progress.

(8)            Since woman is physically weak a man should avoid utilizing his power and strength on her .  We must accept that she is physically weak and should not touch his body utilizing our force.

(9)            You yourself are the first person who can understand what is wrong with your body and therefore, you must examine yourself daily so that you may approach a doctor before the trouble becomes serious.

(10)        Bath room and conducting daily exercise are the best points where you can examine your body and can take remedial measures.  Therefore, when you are in the bath room and when you are conducting daily exercise, you must have your mind on each part of your body and must find out the difficulty.

(11)        Your sins and your daughters are the people who shall be looking after you when you are old and a diseased person.  The duties shall not be performed well by people deployed against wages.

(12)        You may be knowing much about yourself, but if people are asked, they shall be telling more things about you and most of these things could not be in your calculations.

(13)        No man on earth can speak the truth and truth only and therefore, all those are declaring something on oath are committing a crime, a sins or a misconduct.

(14)        God is fear to us and nothing more and if we have faith in God that is also out of fear and compulsion.

(15)        God had never come on this earth and shall not come on this earth and face us because we have got so many complaints against Him and He shall not like to listen to all these complaints.


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