Five Points on Life Dated 26.11.2008

by Dalip Singh Wasan - Date: 2008-11-26 - Word Count: 646 Share This!

      Five points on life---dated 26.11.2008

1.            We shall have to live till we are recalled by God and till that date, we cannot leave this world.  Some people commit suicide, but the number of such people is on lower side.  We should be ready to face all difficulties in life and we must have a belief in our mind that all these difficulties and problems are short lived and at a very early stage we shall be out of these problems and these difficulties and we shall have good times.  We should live life with this hope in our mind and only then we shall be able to complete this life tenure which has been given to us. 

2.            We must believe in God and at the same time we must have a faith in God and accept that we too had been created and established by God.  It is the same God who has established all these great people around us and all these rich people around us have also been created and established by God.  Therefore, we are not stranger to God and we must believe that God, our father shall not have any discrimination towards us.  He shall love us and shall maintain us till we are alive in this world.  It is the duty of God to look after our affairs and we msut live in the same conditions which have been prescribed by Him.

3.            God is great and it is on record that this world had been established many a time and there are chances that the present world may be destroyed with all human beings and animals and then God may start this world once again.  We cannot stop this change and when this man has been creating and establishing war heads, it seem this man himself shall destroy this world.  Therefore, we must tell to all the super powers to stop creating all these war heads because one day some man with wrong head may switch on these machines, we all shall be in the next world standing before God and shall be giving our accounts.

4.            Everyone of us must earn money because without money our life shall not be safe and we shall not be in a position complete our life tenure.  At present money is the main consideration for all the facilities around us and even water and air are available only to those who have got money with them.  Even air could be available through heaters, through air conditioners and we need fans and coolers.  All these machines need money.  Then this belly needs food and without food we shall be just like dead people.  Therefore, we must earn money and we must have something in our saving accounts and in shape of assets and properties so that we could live in old age and when we are ill. We all must work and earn money because the people who have got no money with them are called poor people and they are not liked by rich people.

5.            Rich people do not like poor people and they do not want that their children may meet and remain with children from poor families.  We have noted that rich people are sending their wards to schools which are meant for rich people and even they do not go a hotel which is serving common people.  Rich people have established their own colonies and they are not mixing with poor people.  They have got separate schools, separate hospitals, separate hotels, separate colleges, separate training institutions and all these children get higher jobs and all those who are poor are meant for lower jobs in society and are never allowed to rise in life.  Therefore, we too must try to become rich because these rich people shall be raising so many hurdles in our way.


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