Common Pests Found In Residential Area And Their Nuisance Activities

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Various types of pests are found in our homes. Pests are organisms that are harmful to our health and properties. They annoy us by their activities. Some of the common pests found in our home are cockroaches, rats, ants, spiders, bed bugs, silver fish and many other insects and pests. They destroy our properties and affect our health. They are the disease causing agents as they carry harmful germ, bacteria and viruses with them. They contaminate food items and infect us. Therefore, their population must be control. People try everything to get rid of these harmful organisms to stay healthy and happy.

Pests disturb us in many ways. Rats eat away our clothes; make holes in wooden furniture and other food containers. They also attack food stuffs and contaminate them. Ants make our home messy. They make home dirty and are found in big population. They also bite us. They gather near sugary substances mainly. Bed bugs bite us during sleep and do not let us sleep peacefully. They also destroy mattresses. Spiders are mainly wall climber. They do not disturb us usually but they are harmful when they do. They emit toxic substances and destroy the beauty of home. Sometime, they also jump in milk vessel and vegetable pan making them useless. In this way, pests create nuisance activities and disturb us regularly. They do not let us leave happily in our own home.

People use various sprays and gels to kill these pests. But they are not successful all the time as some pests have become resistant to these chemicals and can easily survive after getting in touch with these chemicals. In this situation, pest control organization remains to be only open gate to make them out of our home. It is good if you are in Noida or nearby areas. The Pest control Noida based organizations are known for effectively controlling the population of residential pests. They use both organic and inorganic chemicals to kill these pests. However, they mainly use organic chemicals. They make effective solutions of organic materials to control their populations. They also use biological methods to control them and kill them. They apply wise ecological ideas. They employ natural enemy of the pests to control their population.

The staffs of Noida Pest Control organizations have ecological, zoological and biological background. Therefore, they apply eco-friendly methods to control the nuisance creating organism. These organizations help in pest control of Noida and nearby cities.

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