Navigate Change In Your Life With One Secret Tool

by Diana Sullivan - Date: 2006-12-12 - Word Count: 614 Share This!

Resistance to anything in life increases more of it. The war against cancer, the war against drugs and even the war against terrorism have all created more of what is being resisted. The secret lies in acceptance.

When change arrives through a career change, the end of a relationship or way of life, your greatest power lies in accepting what is happening in the moment. That does not mean you must welcome bad things happening to you, just offer no inner resistance. Be in a space of allowing and watching it and give your permission to let it pass and the next change to come will arrive more positively.

This is not to say that if someone starts to mug you and steal your wallet and you feel the urge to run that you don't run. It means that you don't hold an inner resistance and carry it around with you much like going to bed angry when it would be productive to express and release the anger.

I practice this regularly; releasing resistance, letting go of negatively charged feelings and allowing life to unfold as it comes at me. As a result, I see what feels like miracles.

This summer I was in a hurry. I ran down the stairs to grab my shoes and dash out the door to an appointment. Hitting the third step from the bottom, my left foot slid off the step. I started falling backwards. In an effort to catch myself, I tucked my left foot under me and wrenched it backwards as I tumbled face forward on to the floor.

Thank goodness I was only on the third step from the bottom and could gracefully catch myself. I made a soft landing on the hardwood floor. There I lay, appalled, embarrassed and with a burning, throbbing pain in my left ankle.

With some relief I didn't have to jump up and pretend I was not hurt to save the embarrassment of such an undignified fall. I let go allowing myself to sink into the floor and relax fully before I moved and dealt with the damage.

As I lay there, I felt the cold floor against my cheek and I remembered the secret to let go of any resistance and not let this event take power in my life. I melted into the floor with acceptance and reminded myself that this experience and moment is "all there is"

As I let go of what might have happened or what could be, I felt such a deep gratitude of the things that I liked about life and then a softness and warmth surrounded my body. In this state of peace, I lay there until I was ready to get up.

Rising from the floor and standing on my foot, I noticed I was experiencing no pain with what had really happened. I slipped on my shoes, stepped around a few times and marveled. There was no soreness, stiffness, nothing. Out the door I ran in a rush with some bewilderment. It was not until I was driving down the road that it hit me. This was the same ankle last year that had been twisted and the incident resulted in swelling and weeks of pain. The events were similar but the outcome was vastly different.

When unwelcome change comes into your life, don't resist it. Don't go into anger, denial, or any other form of resistance or you'll lock it in as a reality. Watch it and be in acceptance and gratitude and as you surrender to the moment you are opening the channel for what could be a catastrophe to positively change.

Acceptance and allowing yourself to be in the moment with 'what is' is your secret tool.

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