The Many Colors of Abundance

by Adam Martin - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 727 Share This!

Abundance is very much like color. No two people see colors in the same way. One person may see blue while another sees purple. Two people looking at the same pumpkin will not see the exact same shade of orange. And no two people will experience the same feelings or have the same ideas of what abundance is. The question is - what does it means for you? What you feel abundance is in your life is probably very different from what your neighbor feels abundance means and different again from the person who turned you down at your audition last week. It is a very individual perception and one that is important to consider.

The dictionary definition of abundance is simply having "quantity that is more than enough". More than enough of what? Money? Friends? Family? Living space? Time? As actors and artists, we tend always to be struggling financially, or at least it seems that way. We work extra jobs to make ends meet while we try to sell our talents at auditions and shows, trying to get "the big break" or at least a small one. When we are in the depths of financial hardship it is VERY difficult to see anything through the haze of despair that hangs in front of us.

The key is to step back from your life for a moment and look at it from a new perspective. Define for yourself what abundance is for you. What are you really trying to get out of life and, maybe even more importantly, what are you giving to life. Are you just going through the motions, hoping that "one of these days something will happen??" If so, you could be waiting for a very long time.

We are in control of our lives. No one can change our lives except us and no one else is responsible for our happiness. Once you have taken an objective look at your life, take some time to write down what abundance means to you. It may very well include money, and that is great. Money is a necessary commodity in our society and the stress that comes from not having enough is sometimes unbearable. Your idea of abundance may also include time with your family and friends. It may include time just to be, to read a book with a warm cup of tea on a chilly Sunday afternoon in November. It may be taking an annual vacation to somewhere warm and sunny. Think about it and write it down. Write it in the present tense because you want to have the feeling of having abundance here and now.

The key is to determine where you want to be in five years or ten years. This exercise is easy to do, and we would encourage you all to do it over the next week or so. Decide what you want to have in your life and the type of lifestyle you want to lead. Have dreams and turn those dreams into goals. Once you have solid goals to strive for, you will be able to break the journey down into smaller, more manageable pieces; otherwise, you may feel overwhelmed and not get anything done. Then do a little every day. Make a list of no more than six things you can do each day to get you closer to your goals. Have milestones along the way and congratulate yourself when you reach each of them.

Whatever abundance is for you, you can have it if you CHOOSE to have it. This concept applies to financial abundance just as well as it applies to abundance of anything else in your life. You may pray for guidance and help, but no matter what, you need to do the footwork. Determine what you want money for in your life and how much you need. Is there anyone who can help you achieve your goals? Have a systematic plan in place to see that you reach your goal.

Whatever you want in life, you can have it. Anything is possible. You may need to make some short-term sacrifices to reach your goals. You will have to work hard. It will all be worth it. You have what it takes to have financial abundance in your life and any other kind of abundance you desire. You simply need to take the proper steps to get there.

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Adam Martin is an active Assistant Director (most recently on "Transformers", to be released summer 07), Producer and Director based in Hollywood. He also started Abundance Bound, Inc, ( - Financial Education and Planning for Actors and Artists") and his mission is to develop a community of artists able to pursue their creative goals free from the crushing weight of financial stress. Adam and his wife, Miata, are coached by Loral Langmeier, author of the best-seller "The Millionaire Maker", and apply what they learn with her to their clients within the artistic community.

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