Solving Problems With The Right Mind Map Application

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One of the best ways to solve problems in almost every area of your life is with the use of the right mind map application. In other words, if you can get a software that allows you to put the problems on the table and find out what are some of the best solutions you can use so solve the problems, it will just save you a lot of hassles. However, only mind mappers are able to see the values of it and if you are not a mind mapper yet, you would better adopt the mind mapping method immediate. It will save your live.

Now, the problem solving process is not that difficult, really. There are only 3 steps to it and they are the identification, brainstorming and action taking process. In this article, you are going to learn how you can go through the entire process using a mind map application and with this, you will be a better problem solver.

In the identification stage, all you really need is to identify the problem. If you are running a company, it could be increasing your company profit by 20% in the next 3 months. If you are a student, the problem you need to solve could be finishing reading your textbook in the next 2 weeks because your exam is coming. Whatever the problem is, you can be sure at any point of your time, you will have a problem you need to solve.

The identification stage sets you a direction so that you know where you are going. It doe not just mean fixing a problem. If you are setting a new goal, it also belongs to this category. So let's say if your goal is to increase your company's profit by 20% in the next 3 months, you just need to draw a cloud in the middle of the document and name it 'Company's Profit'. Likewise, if you want to finish a textbook, you can label the cloud with 'Chemistry Textbook'. Once you have done that in your mind map application, you can go to the brainstorming and planning stage.

Now that you have identified the problems you need to fix and the next thing you need to do is to sit down and come out with the ideas and solutions. For a company, it could involve the rest of the managers and executive staffs in a meeting. It could be coming out with new product range or reaching out to more customers with various kinds of marketing strategies including Customer Relation Management (CRM), approaching the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and setting booths in various shopping malls. If you are studying, you need to find creative ways to go through and remember the textbook in the quickest ways possible. Some creative ideas would be using a mind map on each chapter, writing down notes, go through past year papers and so on. Whatever your ideas are, this is the time where you start to have your ideas branched out from the cloud you have labeled for your goals or problems. With a mind map application, you are able to see your goal and plans more clearly.

With the goals and plans you have, they are like a map for you to go where you want to reach. It is now time for you to put those plans into action and really start to see your goals come to past. This part is crucial because you may have the ability to identify and solutions but if you nothing about it, nothing is going to change. So if you have plans to sell your products in various shopping malls in order to increase your sales by 20%, then you should really get your staffs to start to contact the shopping malls for available slots and check out the prices already. If you have plans to finish the textbooks in 2 weeks time, you really need to draw mind maps for all your chapters so that you know what is going on on each chapter.

This is how a mind map application can help you in your problem solving.

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