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Have you heard the saying "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again"? This fairly well known axiom is so very true and wise that many people discount its depth and do not pay it the attention it deserves.

When ever we do something, the first time is hard and difficult. The second time it is just a little bit easier, the third time a little easier yet, and so on until what we are doing becomes easy and second nature.

There is another saying that you will like; "The only time you start at the top is when you are digging a hole." It does not matter the task or training we undertake, when we do something new, the first time we do it; it is slow, difficult and low quality stuff.

When we think of something we create something. In the degree that we attempt to use our thoughts; we continually become able to use them more effectively. The first time you try something you may very well fail. The failure is only temporary, you attempt the same thing again and while you may fail again, you did not fail as badly as you did the first time. Eventually you will succeed, and soon after that you will become skilled at that task, eventually you become a master at it.

Progress is slow at first, more rapid as we proceed. Power grows by using it, in other words; using our power brings increasing power. This is governed by the law of attraction, the same as every thing else things in our lives. The Law of Attraction has a corollary: The Law of Reflex. This law basically says; the more you do something the easier it becomes.

Let's say you decide it is your destiny to play the piano in concert. No one can sit down to the piano and play the piece of a master like a master the first try. You try and it is not pretty; however, you do not conclude, that the piece of the master cannot be played by you, or, for that matter, by anyone. You learn what the notes on the paper correspond to what keys on the piano. You learn to use your fingers to press the keys to make the notes. You practice the piece, over and over. The law of attraction comes to your aid, whereby your mind follows the music more readily, more rapidly, and more surely each succeeding time.

There also comes into operation and to your aid the law of reflex; underlying the action whereby your fingers co-ordinate their movements with your eyes and the movements of your mind; more readily, more rapidly, and more accurately each time you attempt the task.

You stumble through at first, there is no harmony, no rhythm, nothing but discord. Until by and by the time comes when your talent finally reveals itself, and you play the music as the music of the master. The music you play succeeds and surpasses the work of the master, you finally are recognized as a master, play in concert, thrill and move the masses, and thus your dream has come true.

So it is in the use of the power of thought. It is the reiteration, the constant reiteration of the thought; that grows the power of continually stronger thought, and this brings about action. Action brings more action, and that finally brings manifestation of the thing we desire.

So find out what you want to do, then do it. Do it over and over and over until you are good at it. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again…

Be Blessed

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