Goals That Care

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The word care as defined in the dictionary, implies many meanings. Care can mean worry or a troubled state of mind. It can also mean close attention, a heed, liking, protection, or responsibility. And it can also mean a feeling of concern or love. The last meaning is the care we need to infuse into our goals.
Care is a strong word when it comes to human characteristics, so strong that it can move mountains, so to speak. It can drive a tough, heartless, no-nonsense guy into tears even if he is not the recipient.

Even in a world where the law of self-preservation prevails, people could usually see through the motive of a goal or project if care is injected into it and results are always favorable to all concerned. Even those who are not directly concerned, when they learn about a care project through some form of media, would comment that it is a worthwhile project worthy of emulation. Human nature has a way of reciprocating kindness or care by giving it its full support when they see a worthy cause at work. It's like a two-way traffic, give and take so to speak. Sometimes, it even turns rivals into friends earning admiration because of the care they see and feel in the project.
When we focus on a goal with a touch of care, it is care that serves as the catalyst that drives us to make this goal succeed. We get so excited, we cannot wait for it to materialize. The result or outcome will give us an air of satisfaction or contentment.

In an overall context, when care is part of everything we do, it leaves a lasting impression to the person receiving it. Even if the receiver unintentionally or effortlessly thinks about it, the effect lingers for a very long period of time. And care usually multiplies by itself because beneficiaries or recipients cannot help but gladly talk about it. It's practically a word-of-mouth advertisement.

Now, imagine a world dominated by people who care. Let us say half of life's problems are human-made and the other half are natural. Imagine further that half of human-made problems are preventable. Because of care or concern, preventable human-made problems can be eradicated. If half of natural problems can likewise be prevented by people who would care enough to find ways to avert or reduce them, that leaves only fifty percent overall problems in the world. Isn't that a good bargain? Wouldn't life be much better?

Everybody could use some care once in a while. It boosts spirits to a higher level. In terms of goal selection, care is a big factor so much so that if incorporated into the choice of the goal we intend to pursue, it will propel the goal to sure success.

A serve-all idea is a sure-win-for-all situation. It amplifies the benefits that can be derived from it.

The environment is another factor that can affect our aim to goal realization. Just how is the issue of environment related to achieving a goal?

One of the areas wherein goal selection could use a lot of attention and care is the environment. When goals are concerned to keep the environment to its original beauty, people usually support and laud it. Even more so are projects that restore severed environment to its original state. And an even higher level of support will come to projects that restore severed environments to their original state, beautified further than the original.

Now, the last one may seem that we are competing with God and that we have done better than God and He might not like the idea. On the contrary, God will be pleased with the result because the seed of care He has planted in our brain is bearing fruit and did not go to waste. God may have intentionally reserved that level for us to prove our worth on earth.

Let us now look on another aspect of environment. Goal realization is basically dependent on our mental attitudes. And the way we think can in turn be affected by the environmental condition. In other words, environmental condition around which the goal evolves plays a vital part to make it successful.

Let's face it; some environments have some degree of hostility, man-made or natural, so we have to incorporate some precautionary measures to prevent unfavorable events from happening, events that may hamper or hinder the progress of our goal.

Get to know your environment, the weather condition the whole year round, the neighborhood. Make adjustments whenever necessary. Ask around and be a good observant. The earlier you can pre-empt a condition, the better it is. This will better the chance of success to your endeavor by cutting wasted time and turn it into productive use.

Ever heard of the advertisement: "The garbage you throw inadvertently or carelessly will come back to you." This used to be shown on television in an Asian country where some people throw garbage carelessly resulting to floods during the rainy season. When the flood enters the household, so does the garbage. It was a message of concern from one of the agencies of its government and it is very true.

You see, our environment cannot and does not complain. You won't hear a word of complaint from it, so we must make it an obligation to ourselves to care for it. The outcome of the condition of the environment may or may not affect us now but definitely, it will in the generations to come. And definitely, this will be of vital importance or concern to the goals of our children and their children.

Care, it's a strong word with a wide scope, from human characteristics to
environmental concerns.

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