Goal Setting using Visualization

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I have a blue convertible Beatle photo on my desk. On it, I edited my own photo and carefully placed it in the driver seat. I had shown it to John and he was amazed that it looks real as if I'm driving it. As such, when I'm in office, I can see the picture and see myself driving the Beatle.

Thus, visualization is a very important step in goal setting.

On Saturday, after Novena, we went to Serangoon for lunch. While driving out, we saw a private property open house. As such, we stopped and went in to take a look.

It's 4 stories semi-detach. When entering the main gate, it's a car pouch, which can take in 1 car. (Hmm. . . if I want to have 2 cars, then, I need to park one outside. Then walk up a flight of steps to enter the main door, which is the main hall: about the size of our current master room. There is another flight of steps that divided the dining hall and the living room, and the kitchen is an open concept and look bright. Through the kitchen's window, we can see the neighbors, which is behind the house clearly.

We went upstairs, which have 1 master bedroom with toilet and 2 bedrooms with common toilet. The master bedroom is pretty huge. Then we went up further to another level which have another room and a rooftop garden. Lastly, we went all the way down to basement, which have 2 rooms and a indoor pond. I like the pond very much. The sound of the waterfall is perfect for me to be my working area. CW, my wife, was saying, maybe we can convert it to mini pool or Jacuzzi.

I estimated the price to be around 1.5M. While walking out of the place, Marina was so excited and she wanted to buy this house and move in. We asked the sales person the price and found out that it's 1.3M. The 2 corner units are 1.5m and 1.6M. How3ver, both were taken.

Actually, we pretty like the concept and I like the waterfront and CW like the "open concept" which is has many full-size glass windows. However, one down point is . . . We dislike the many flight of steps. To be honest, just a short tour walking up and down 4 levels, my legs are cramped. I'm thinking if I am getting a landed property, I will want to live there for live. As such, if I'm old, I will have difficulties walking up and down. On top, mum will have problem also walking up and down.

After the show house, I have a clearer view of what kind of house I'm looking at. It should at most have 2 level or maybe with a basement. In the 1st level, it must have room and toilet.

I shared with CW that old estate such as AMK behind St Nicolas' Girl School, could get it at about $600,000+. As Shears got it at about $600,000+ and he rebuild it for another $300,000+, which come to near $1,000,000. However, for a start, we may want to do some simple renovation, which should come around $700,000. Our current properties (HDB + Hougang Green) are both $300,000+. So if we sell both, we should be able to afford both. However, we just refinance Hougang Green, which have a lock in period of 3 years, so looking down the road, we should only change our house in 3 years time. I will drive CW to see those St Nicolas areas in near future.

Coincidentally, we saw on newspaper, yesterday, about another launch near Yishun, which combined facilities and landed property. The min unit is only $780,000 onwards. I quickly called Vincent about our Hougang Green and found out the interest is about 3.5% (I need this number for calculation). I did a quick calculation of loan 80%, which means for 30 years loan, our repayment per month is about $3,500+, which is near to $4,000.

That prompted me a important question: HOW TO BE ABLE TO AFFORT AND ACHIEVE IT. One way is looking at Shears, he is doing hosting and have about 500+ client which I did a quick calculation, if I got 500+ client, each charged $10.00 per month, then, I will have $5,000/month passive. Currently, I have about only 10 clients. So I must find ways to boost up my hosting service.

3 years! I am going to own a landed property. Other factors I'm looking at is:

1. Near MRT,
2. Near marketplace,
3. Near church.
4. Less flight of steps
5. Of course looking back, I miss an important question, how long is the lease? 99 years? 999 years? Or freehold?

I came across this financial verity show on Channel U, and actually, there is this freehold old house is only $1,100,000+. So, for now, we should still shop around and look around. It's Visualization time!

Visualization . . .what if it does not work? Well, what can I lose? Nothing! BUT . . .what if it work? I will have what I visualized! So, no harm! Just visual!

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