Goal Setting Is Not Only Once-A-Day Affair

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In my last post, I mentioned that we should set goal clearly and do it daily. Now, the question is, when is the best time in a day? Of course, the answer is in the morning. However, it should not be just anytime in the morning; it should be first thing in the morning! Yes! The first thing when you wake up, instead of brushing your teeth, you should rush to your desk, and start writing your daily goal!

I mentioned in my other posting that there are long-term goal and short-term goal (which for me I called it as daily goal). It is this daily goal that you need to write down everyday! It is important so that you are aware of your daily activities are geared and swift towards it. On top, in the morning, when you just awake, your Alpha wave is at its most active period and according to many scientists' researches, Alpha wave is presence when a person is engaging into his superb learning mode!

Have you ever experienced, when you were young (or maybe you still doing it now), rushing to study as much as possible only at the night just before a test or examination, trying to utilise and grasp as much as you could; and unfortunately, those you studied earlier, usually tend to be forgotten and seems that they were never ever be a way to register in your mind, however, those that you had studied while you were almost dozed off, surprisingly, can be recalled easily during the exam! Did you ever asked yourself, did I really come across this subject? Why is it so? The answer is because of Alpha wave, which begin to sync in just when you doze off!

What I'm drifting here, it is important to write down your goal in the first thing in the morning, so that you can leverage on your morning Alpha wave which present in your just awaken brain so that you can subconsciously register it and deeply root it into your brain.

Alpha wave also present during at night just before you doze off. So you should also write down your daily goal at night, just before you turn for the bed! This action not only help you to review your day time activities if it gel with your daily goal, but also, help you to register again better, leveraging again on the alpha wave to sink into yourself about your daily goal!

Goal setting is like sharpening a knife. The more you sharpened it, the sharper it will be! Thus, best time to set goal is in the morning, first thing in the morning. And for best result, set again just before you doze off!

Try it! You will be amazed of the result and your goals begin to fall in place. You will be more aware of your behavior towards your daily activities. If it does not work, it's OK! You will not lose anything! But what if it works? You are in no lost situation! So, just do it!

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