The Purpose of Having a Personal Goal

by Bishara Hazboun - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 479 Share This!

Goals provide our lives with a sense of purpose and direct our behaviors toward a positive end results. Goals must be specific and realistic, yet flexible. Losing weight and finishing my education are two of my personal goals that I'm planning to achieve. Losing weight can be considered an intermediate goal as it can be achieved in three month to one year. However, finishing my education can be considered long-range goal as it takes more than one year to be achieved.

Loosing weight is a goal that I'm planning to achieve within four months. I'm planning to loose around forty pounds, ten pounds per month. On the other hand, finishing my education and getting my PA in interior design will take me more than a year. I have to take certain classes that might be prerequisites to another classes, therefore this goal will take more time than loosing weight.

I believe that goals vary in priority, complexity, intensity, and resource use. Finishing my education will be more important to me than loosing weight. However, both finishing my education and loosing weight are complex goals that need commitment. In addition, finishing my education and loosing weight vary in resources use. I believe in this case each goal will need different material and human resources. Loosing weight will require me to find a good gym that I can be committed to, good market place that offers healthy food choices and experienced doctor who can help me achieve the weight that I need by telling me how to organize my meals and when to have them. On the other hand, finishing my education will require me to go to my classes on time, be committed to my school rules and have a good consular to assist me organize my classes and finish on time.

My values play a huge role in achieving my goals. Commitment, honesty, loyalty, equality and diversity are five of my main values. Each one of them will help me achieve my goals and maintain the end results. I have to be committed to my goals and to the short or long term process that I might go through. I have to be honest and loyal to this process. I have also to be honest with my doctor in the case of loosing weight and to my consular in the case of finishing my education. I have to tell them the truth every time we discuss my process of achieving either one of them. At the same time, I have to respect that my doctor and my consular might have different background than mine. I have to understand that we might have cultural differences, or different ways of communicating with each other. Therefore, applying my values will help me stay focused, respect everyone who is trying to help, understand and value my time, and as an end result achieve my goals successfully.

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