Neff American Style Fridge Freezers - a Closer Look

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There is an appliance for everyone within Neff's range of fridge freezers but the Neff American Style fridge freezer is an appliance for the larger family.

The Neff American Style fridge freezer is a large 'food centre' that can cope with the demands of almost any family. The total capacity of the Neff American Style fridge freezer is 536 litres, divided between a 352 litre capacity fridge and a 184 litre capacity freezer, which makes this appliance even bigger than Neff's extra large larder fridge. With that much space you will only need to make half as many journeys to the supermarket. But, this appliance is not just an extra large fridge freezer, it also comes with a lot of convenient features like its frost free, AntiSpill shelves and the revolutionary EasyClip system.

And this Neff American Style appliance uses only 522kWh per year and has an energy efficiency rating of an A, which means that the Neff American Style fridge freezer only costs on average £52.20 per year to run. Neff have also coated the inside of all their fridges and freezers with a special anti bacterial system to keep you and your family safe from invisible bugs and germs.

With such a large space for all your food, you are bound to get lost so the Neff American Style fridge freezer has dedicated compartments for the different types of food in your fridge such as the full width dairy compartment, full width wine rack and the egg tray. Along with the dedicated compartments, there are, of course, plenty of shelves and drawers with the Neff American Style fridge freezer including two shelves and two drawers in the freezer as well as five fixed door racks and two drawers and four glass shelves in the fridge of which three are adjustable. The shelves in the fridge are safety glass shelves. This means that if you drop one of them they will not send shards of glass all over your kitchen floor- a vital feature for a safe family home.

As well as the numerous practical features in the Neff American Style fridge freezer that are designed more for convenience than anything else, this spacious appliance also has several luxury features such as its illuminated door dispenser for ice cubes, crushed water and chilled water- but do not forget that this feature means that you will have to permanently connect your fridge to a water supply, but the Neff American Style fridge freezer comes with a 1.7m water hose and one water filter already supplied.

The Neff American Style fridge also has an automatic defrost feature and a frost free freezer so you will not have to defrost this appliance as often as you would an older fridge freezer. The Neff American Style fridge freezer is also electronically controlled and uses Krypton Light technology for improved illumination that makes this appliance really fit in well to any modern kitchen.

If you have a large family with a good appetite, then the Neff American Style fridge freezer has everything you need. It is big, it is practical and it is safe.

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