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Most people have seen the Ped Egg infomercial on television, but like most infomercial products, it is hard to know if the products work. Hundreds of thousands of Ped Eggs have been sold, and many would call their experiences positive. Why do Ped Eggs work? Before you make a purchase, you should understand how the Ped Egg works.

The Ped Egg is specifically meant to help eliminate calluses and dead skin. According to the makers of the Ped Egg, "It's like having a professional spa treatment right in your own home!" The goal of anyone using the Ped Egg is to make the skin on his or her feet smooth and soft. How does this little plastic "egg" do that?

When you open the Ped Egg, the inside has micro-files - very tiny file-like pieces of metal that rub against your skin. This emery board gently buffs away the old, dead skin, while taking care not to hurt your feet. In fact, you can rub the Ped Egg over a balloon without bursting it.

On your feet, you will find that there is a protective layer of skin that builds up due to normal use of our feet. However, over time, this layer of skin builds up and your feet get rougher and rougher. Where your feet rub against your shoes, the skin builds up especially thick, and those spots are known as calluses. All of this rough skin is actually dead. So, when you are using the Ped Egg, you are just removing the dead skin. The smooth, pink skin that you see below is the new skin.

The Ped Egg itself looks kind of like a cheese grater. That sounds scary, but in actuality, it is not, since the Ped Egg only goes deep enough to scrape off the old, dead skin. The new and tender skin underneath is not damaged at all. However, the old skin is peeled away. That is why the Ped Egg has a catching device so that you avoid making a mess when you work on your feet.

If you want the Ped Egg to work to the best of its ability, it is important to use it regularly. The Ped Egg is something that you should use longer the first time you use it, since there are many layers of dead skin built up on your feet already. If you use a pumice or foot file, you might not have as much work to do, but it depends on your feet and your walking situation. After you use the Ped Egg for the first time, you will notice that in a few weeks, your feet are rough again. This is normal. The Ped Egg does not prevent your feet from getting rough. That simply happens naturally, no matter how well you care for your feet, unless you never walk, they will always get rough again. The Ped Egg is designed to fix this problem by removing that roughness.

Why would you want softer feet? Think of the benefits:
Your feet will appear prettier and more youthful. If you often wear sandals, sling backs, or open toed shoes, the Ped Egg can really help the appearance of your feet.

Using the Ped Egg will help your feet feel softer. This is definitely a plus if you and your partner enjoy giving and receiving foot massages!

The Ped Egg removes dead skin, so this is healthy for your skin. It is a better option than most other skin removal products that you can use at home.

How often should you use the Ped Egg? That all depends on your personal habits. For example, if you walk a lot at work or home, the dead skin on your feet might build up more quickly. However, if you use lotion on your feet every night, that might make your feet softer so that you don't have to use the Ped Egg as often. During the summer, your feet might need more work because you are wearing sandals more often; however, certain people need to use the Ped Egg less often simply because of genetics. How much you want to use it is totally up to you and might change from month to month.

Is the Ped Egg worth the money? Considering that you can purchase a Ped Egg for less than $20, including shipping, most people find it to be worth the money. With their micro-abrasive system, the Ped Egg is the perfect solution to rough, dull skin on your feet.

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