7 Ways to Use Art to Self-Motivate -You Can Achieve That Dream, Goal or Vision

by Raymond Horner - Date: 2006-12-16 - Word Count: 302 Share This!

Are there times when you need to motivate yourself? In the absence of a motivational speaker, music or mental rehabilitation, try using art. Here are seven suggestions.

1. Think about your dreams, goals and visions. If you have not already, draw pictures of what they look like. You do not have to be an artist to do this. Use stick pictures if you must. Just reflecting on this is a major step that will kick-start your mind.

2. Create a collage with pictures from magazines, and pictures you have drawn This collage can also have objects. If you do use objects be sure to use a strong glue.

3. Select paintings or prints online or from an art gallery that reflect the visions, goals and dreams you spent time thinking about in step 1.

4. Discuss your painting or print selections with members of your household or workplace, if necessary. Be sure to communicate the reasons for the choices you have made. This is a critical step especially if the décor and colors will not match.

5. Decide, with others if needed, where your motivational selections can be placed. Be sure to include places where you will see the collages, prints or paintings. For example, a piece should be placed in spaces that you will see when entering your workspace. When you wake up in the morning can you get away with a picture on the ceiling?

6. Arrange all your art selections in front of you. Create time in your schedule to hang them up. Be sure to use proper hanging techniques to insure that walls are not damaged and heavy pieces do not fall.

7. Enjoy your motivational art. Each day that you look at it begin to work on that dream, vision and goal!!!

If you follow these steps you will be motivating your self to achieve!

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