Using The Law Of Attraction And It's Benefits

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Making the Law of Attraction Stronger with Positive Thinking

Having a a great attitude plays a big part in using the Law of Attraction. If you have an attitude of optimism and positivity, you will have a powerful effect on your environment. Remember Murphy's Law? You know, "whatever can go wrong, will!" Smiling broadly and adjusting your posture so that you're sitting up straight might be a good way to help turn your mood around. Can you feel a difference? Immediately, your blood stats pumping faster and your confidence is elevated, and you know that you're up to whatever life throws at you! Would you rather hang around someone who is brooding all the time or with someone who has a happy disposition in life? As you adopt and maintain that positive outlook on life, you'll see that you'll be getting more and more of the things you want in life! A positive outlook will always help you to see positive things, both in the people around you and in the circumstances they're in. Positive people attract positive things and negative people will only attract negative outcomes.

Visualization and the Law of Attraction

Now that you've got a positive outlook, you need to set yourself a concrete goal! What's your most serious desire? The job of your dreams? A new car? The kind of romance that novels are written about? Draw a mental picture of yourself having achieved that goal. Keeping that picture in your mind can help you focus on that goal, but having a real picture helps even more! Try making a vision board. Get a cork board and put up pictures of what you want. All sorts of things can distract you from your goals, no matter how strongly you visualize them. Your vision board will keep your goal constantly in sight.

Making the Law of Attraction Stronger with Affirmations:

The Law of Attraction is made much more powerful when affirmations are used. Strong affirmations can help you stay aligned with what you want. The Law of Attraction will work best for you when you believe that the achievement of your goal is critical to your happiness. Part of setting your goals must be to believe - really, truly believe - that you deserve to achieve them. Try this reinforcement method: as the last thing you do before going to sleep at night, write out one or two sentences outlining your goals and why you want them to happen.

How to Use Gratitude to Enhance the Law of Attraction:

To help me begin my day on a positive note, I like to think of the things I'm grateful for every day as soon as I wake up. There's kind of a snowball effect that comes from that, anticipating all the positive things that can happen in the day. Being grateful is like having a positive outlook - it helps you to focus on the the good things in life. Having gratitude is a very important factor in using the Law of Attraction. There are probably instances from your life when you felt that gratitude was impossible. Just keep in mind that it is important that you take responsibility for all your actions. The influence of our thoughts on subsequent events is too often underestimated. Everything that you are going through is a result of the manifestations of the choices you've made and the emotions you've felt at some point in your life. It's important to recognize and express gratitude for EVERYTHING in your life. Like writing down your affirmations, you can reinforce your feelings of gratitude by keeping a gratitude journal, writing down 5 things every night just before going to sleep.

Don't feel badly if you can't follow these tips and guidelines regularly, every day. You will still have days when the level of adversity seems almost impossible to overcome. By using these tips everyday, you can align yourself to what you want in life and manifest your desires.

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