Why Yournetbiz Outshines The Competition

by Luke Riley - Date: 2010-01-08 - Word Count: 524 Share This!

There are several fundamental reasons why YourNetBiz outshines the competition when it comes to online home business opportunities. I will give you a very basic run down of these:

1 - Value for money

For a very modest cost you receive not only a massive product suite (up to 000's of products) but you also receive unlimited coaching, training, vacation packages, the list goes on. The shining light is the Platinum product. For $2995 you literally get thousands apon thousands of dollars worth of products, plus all of the above thrown in as well. The ongoing monthly fee of $59.95 is extremely modest when the business gives you everything that you need to run a very successful online business. VERY IMPORTANTLY - the product suite is constantly updated which ensures YourNetBiz stays above the competition and is recession proof.

2 - Coaching and training

When you join up with YourNetBiz you have immediate access to thousands of ebooks, articles, videos, webinars, coaching calls - all of these are tailored to specific aspects of online marketing so that you can focus on whatever you chose. You will never have to look elsewhere for any additional information. By joining our team you also get the benefit of 'learning from our mistakes' and we are dedicated you ensuring your success, as you will read below, your success ultimately means our success! We are available for phone calls, emails, skype, mail etc etc and will always get back to you asap. We also have access to an exclusive training group which we will provide you access to so that you are getting additional information that your competitors aren't!

3 - Compensation plan

This is where it gets really exciting!! None of these intricate, confusing compensation plans, this is very very simple and very very profitable. Most importantly YOU GET PAID FIRST and you get paid from your first sale! The amount you make per sale depends on the level you join at however I will focus of the Platinum package in which you pocket $2000 out of each $2995 sale! The company gets $495 and your sponsor (me) gets $500. For each sale one of your original sales makes, you pocket the $500 each and every time. There is no multi-level-marketing involved, it doesn't get much simpler than that!

4 - Back office system

The back office system really is your business in a box. As I mentioned above it contains all of the training and coaching information that will assist you to get your business off the ground. This information consists of video, audio, webinars and written word so that you can use which ever medium suits you best. Besides this the back office has an extenstive tour that guides you right through the system when you join up and you can refer back to this at any time. The system shows you how to set up your payment methods, email auto-responders and it sorts and tracks all of your leads and invoices for you. You literally have everything you need at your disposal and this truely is a business in a box!

Hopfully this had shed some light on YourNetBiz and answered some of your questions that you may have had.

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