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Getting your home business off the ground is a tough step for any new entrepruener. Finding a legitimate home business takes loads of time and sometimes you never find exactly what you're looking for.

This article will discuss dropshipping as a legitimate home business and how you can use this business model to help your work from home business get to the next level and start making profits.

First I'll explain what dropshipping is. Dropshipping is when you advertise and sell a product for a company that will ship it for you. For instance your company name is ABC Company. And your dropship supplier is XYZ Company. When the customer orders a product from ABC Company, they turn around and take the money from the sale and order the same product from XYZ Company. XYZ Company then ships the product directly to ABC Company's customer. The customer never knows about XYZ Company or that ABC Company never touched the product at all. This is how dropshipping works.

The problem is when the XYZ Company is not a real legitimate dropshipper. They may be in the same position as your company which is actually ordering the product from another source. Always try to get to the source of the product to get the best price and maximum profits.

Most legitimate wholesalers or dropshippers will require a tax id number to order products from them. If they don't require a tax id number be weary of the company as they may only be a middle man out to get your profits. Be sure to get a wholesale and dropship directory to get true wholesalers and dropshippers for your legitimate home business venture. You may be able to find these sources for free around the internet but you'll waste time and won't know for sure what sort of list you got.

You can get more information on legitimate home business and the home business idea of using dropship from our website.

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