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Mobile manufacturers for capturing larger market share provides some attractive deals on their mobiles. Many of the mobile phone deals also include attractive offers like free gifts. An individual can grab these free gifts if s/he buys the handset carrying some deals during the festive seasons.

The free gifts with mobile phones include the gifts like computers, free talk time, internet usage, ipods, DVD players, LCD Televisions etc. Almost all the leading mobile brands like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Blackberry etc. has been offering free gifts on their different handsets for past some years. The main aim of providing free gifts on the phones is to attract all class of mobile customers. With the newer innovations in the mobile technology , mobile phones are becoming more cheaper nowadays. Now, people can get wide range of applications on the low budget phones too. There is cut throat competition among the different mobile manufacturers for selling mobiles in the market. Therefore, each handset manufacturer provides attractive or free gifts on some of its handset models for getting more mobile market share. The mobile manufacturers has tie up with some electronics manufacturing companies for providing such offers.

Free offers are also provided by the mobile network companies like Vodafone, T-mobile, Orange etc. The brief descriptions of free offers available on mobile phones are Computer: By computer, we do mean desktop or Laptop computer. Computer is a highly sophisticated machine capable of performing multi tasks like file storing, internet search, files and folder sharing between the compatible devices, music playbacks etc. The devices included in a computer are RAM(Random access memory, mother board, key board, mouse, hard disk, DVD/VCD drive etc. People can get internet connectivity on the computer using any internet enabled handset. The leading companies manufacturing computers are HP, Compaq, Acer etc.

LCD TV: The LCD television is based on LCD technology. This television produces clear crystal type pictures. The best part with this unit is that, it can be fixed any where on the walls of the room. This category of television are available in different sizes ie., 19,21,23, 26, 30 & 32 inches. The screen of this Television produces eye friendly images. Therefore, people can enjoy their favourite programmes or movies even sitting close to the LCD television. Some leading companies manufacturing such televisions are Samsung, Sony, LG etc.

DVD player: DVD player is a compact musical equipment. It allows the users to view the videos as well as to listen the MP3 musics on DVD or VCD disks. An individual will need colour television for viewing DVD/VCD movies with this equipment. The main DVD player manufacturers are Samsung, Sony, videocon etc.

People can browse the various Mobile Phone Deals with free offers on the websites of the mobile manufacturers. You can also get attractive phone deals on sites like rupizcompare Some free deals currently available are Nokia 6303 classic, Samsung S3650 Corby, Samsung Tocco Lite, Nokia 2630 etc. The first one is the tri band GSM handset of Nokia. The handset is slim sized phone with the weight of 96 grams. The free deals available with this gadget are 19 inches Samsung LCD TV, unlimited text sending for 1 year contract period. The second phone is manufactured by Samsung. This smartphone has got quad band 2G support. The other features with this phone are TFT screen, camera, GPRS, EDGE, bluetooth, USB etc. The free offers with this widget includes 85 pounds cash back, Acer laptop, 400 minutes of talk time and unlimited text sending. The free networking deals on this handset is provided by orange company. The free gifts with mobile phones are valid for specific period. People desirous of availing the free offers should buy the handsets within the offer period.

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