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Most of us, let us acknowledge, are scatter-brained and at least, slightly disorganized, to say the least. As far as mobile phone handsets go, even the most organized of users, tend to lose, or have their device damaged in one way or the other. We are not even talking about outright theft, or getting the handset accidentally, nicked or worse, even wet by exposing them to water.

This is precisely where, mobile phone insurance comes into the picture. You may, here argue endlessly that you do not need to have a mobile insurance to protect you against phone device theft, damage or loss. Then, there are the two factors that you need to protect yourselves against. Firstly, the fact that the person or thief, whosoever gets to user your misplaced phone handset will obviously misuse it.And you will be required to foot those bills as well. As the handset is still very much in your name even though, you do not have it anymore.

Secondly, if it is a contract phones that you have been using, then it is all the more reason that you have some kind of phone insurance. As irrespective, of when the phone was lost, you will be still required to pay the contract monthly amount till the contract period is over. This logic, of course, does not apply when you have been using a pay as you go mobile phone. This is because, the moment the credit for making calls is over in a pay G phone, there cannot be any more calls made out of it. Anyway.

Mobile phone insurance companies, adopt a different approach to insurance when compared with say, the life insurance and non-life insurance companies. Here, in most cases, a standard annual premium of £ 70 to £ 100, irrespective of the make of the phone handset, the level of the damage occurred, etc. And in most cases, you will get a replacement device within a month or so. Or even earlier.

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