Ringtones Symbolise Uniqueness

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Ringtones are sounds that your mobile phone makes when you receive a telephone call. There are loads of options to users to allow the altering of ringtones on your mobile phone, which makes it more appealing to the users or buyer. A standard ringtone on your mobile phone is usually very boring or plain, and because so many other people in the world own mobile phones, by having a unique ringtone will allow you to know when your, and not your neighbors mobile phone is receiving an incoming call.

With today's mobile phone technology growing at a rapid rate, modern mobile phone ringtones now come in three different formats: monophonic, polyphonic and mp3.

Monophonic ringtones are the oldest form of ringtones and can resemble anything from a computer beep to a standard house telephone. Monophonic ringtones can only produce one sound or note at a time, hence monophonic.

Polyphonic ringtones are a little more advanced, and where introduced around the millennium. Polyphonic ringtones have the capability of producing 16 separate notes simultaneously. This creates a richer, better sounding ringtone which resembles more like an actual tune or beat.

MP3 ringtones are fairly self explanatory. They are snippets of actual real life music or sounds. They consist of voices, beats, tunes and bass. Any musical song can now be converted into mp3 and used as a ringtone on your mobile phone, which really allows users to customise and make there mobile phone unique.

Consumers download unique ringtones because of various reasons. Ringtones allow you to distinguish callers, for identification and everyday fun. Everyone in the modern day world wants to be unique, and by having a unique ringtone is just a small part of this quest. Everyone dresses differently, so why can't there mobile phone ring differently?

Ringtones allow you to show everyone that you are cool, modern and up to date with today's technology. Ringtones are popular with all age groups, especially teenagers, and are usually categorised into genres such as dance, pop, indie and oldies.

Because every mobile phone manufacturer is different and there is no 'standard' type of ringtone, before you choose to download ringtones, first check your mobile phones manual for compatibility, to make sure that your mobile phone has a ringtone capability. All mobile phones come with a set of built-in ringtones that are usually basic, so if you want to find something new and up-beat, you are better off downloading some ringtones from the internet. The best place you should start looking is probably your network provider's website. They will usually have a list of mobile phones with a compatibility guide to what mobile phones can receive what types of ringtone.

The author of this article, Michael Thomson, is the Marketing Director of Schnozberry, a website that specialises in the downloading of mobile ringtones, games, wallpapers, screensavers and videos directly to your mobile phone via sms.

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