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Nokia has just got on its website the 'The Way We Live Podcast' under its technology section. The subjects currently being discussed are the future of Mobile, Plans for Symbian Foundation, and Nokia Beta Labs. Now who better to discuss and tell us on the future of mobile phone communication than the pioneers themselves. To say that the Finnish mobile phone maker has carved almost invincible name for itself in the industry would be stating the obvious.

It is believed that every fourth mobile phone handset that is selling out of a total of ten happens to be that of Nokia only. Anywhere in the world, that is. Years and years of toil, a relentless and single-minded pursuit of excellence and class, and an hawk eye for detail and and extraordinary concern for customers needs, all have put together taken Nokia to a level stage that its rivals will give their right arms to reach for.

Nokia has, over the years, focussed, on the functionlity and user-friendliness aspect of its new Nokia mobile phones than on a blindfolded following of all that technology as to offer. Probably, this more than anything else that has endeared this industry major to the users at large.

This is not to say that Nokia has neglected being at the top when it comes to delivering big time cutting edge mobile phone technology. Not at all. In fact, it is Nokia that has time and again proved to the world that even a more conventional approach to conducting business can lead to wonderful results.

Nokia X6, Nokia N97, Nokia N900 and the recently launched Nokia N8 are all very good instances of high-end smartphones that are right at the top when it comes to superlative and futuristic technology. The other factor here that goes in the favour of Nokia is the fact that Nokia has somehow managed to have enough handsets for every need and market segment.

The rest is taken care of the by the network service providers operating here. Thus you have even handsets like the Nokia N900 selling for free under one or the other Nokia phone deals. Cheap Nokia Phones are, therefore, a reality that users can avial of.

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