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by RAINA KELSEY - Date: 2010-08-12 - Word Count: 334 Share This!

It is a well-known fact that people have a lot of craze to buy new handsets in the present scenario. So, you can see several people in UK, who have a good collection of mobile phones. But, sometimes it becomes a problem for those people. They feel it unable to decide what to do with old handsets which are of no use for them now. Many of the people throw those handsets as garbage. But now a better option is available for those people, with the help of which they can get extra cash for their old handsets. This option is known as mobile recycling. This is the option in which you can sell your handset to some companies who recycle mobile phones. Your useless mobile is very useful for several firms. They can use many parts of your handsets. Apart from money, this option also allows you to give your contribution to save the environment. It is well-know that if you throw your handset as garbage, then the toxic materials in the handsets can give adverse effect to the environment. So, you not only get the benefit but also fulfill your responsibilities as well. There are a number of websites which provide you the option of mobile recycling. On these sites, you can enter your handset model and see the prices offered by different companies. As you can see the prices of different firms at a single place, you can select the firm which is offering best prices of your handset. You can sell your handset directly through the website and can get paid for it. Day by day, the concept of recycling mobile phones is increasing in Unite Kingdom. People are getting aware about it and using the handsets in best manner. More companies coming forward to buy the old handsets of the users. It can be hoped that users will understand their responsibility towards environment and will choose the option of mobile recycling and will get materialistic benefit as well.

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