Dead Giveaways That Your Diet Is A Fad Diet

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A fad diet is usually popular for only a short time and it is a diet that promises quick weight loss. The persons who want to lose weight quickly, fad diets are marketed attractively. Fad diet claims that an individual can lose weight without having exercise, simply by following the diets plan of eating. Even though, most fad diet is considered as unhealthy by physicians and deemed as trick.

Fad diet makes promise untrue or unsafe. The tips in this section help you to spot fad diet and avoid the unhealthy activities they recommend.

* This diet will not contain a warning label.
* This diet does not have credible scientific research as a back up to its claims.
* This diet ensures a claim to the effect of the weight loss is prompt and rapid without having to do physical exercises. Rapid weight loss would get reflected in two more pounds in a week time.
* This diet position its products in the market to the consumer mentioning that weight loss cannot be achieved without the intake of fad diet.
* This diet involves in the promotion of miracle foods that burn excess fat.
* Most of the fad diet items do restrict certain types of foods, while motivating the dieter to eat more of other types of food which take care of protein and nutritional nourishment in a balanced manner..

Examples of Fad Diet

Liquid Diet

For most people liquid diet is recommended to bring about loss in weight. However, when the dieter is put on this diet weight gain in pounds also comes back. These dieters should be very cautious and are precluded from being on this diet for an extended period of time. These diets do not enrich the human body the vitamins and minerals it requires to maintain good and optimal health.

High Protein Diet

The claim of a high protein diet is when you eat large quantities of protein weight increase occurs and enables body to build muscles. You should know the fat from physicians that muscle building is brought about to a systematic weight training program. These dieters are considered to be in general, losing a good deal of weight. These have side effects also to the extent they may cause damage to the liver and the kidneys.

Grapefruit Diet & Cabbage Diet

Grapefruit diet and cabbage diet enables only consuming one specific food as a fad diet. These types of restrictive diet are very bad for health. Many dieters who commence this restrictive type of diet are not successful in lasting a very long time. Weaknesses can take place promptly due to low calorie consumption as well as a dearth of vitamins and minerals in the food. Additionally, the body will lower its metabolic rate and will result in burning lesser calories.

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Losing weight fast can be obtained but it does not start with fad diets, why are they bad?

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