Varicose Veins - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

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The majority of people after thirty notice the changes that appear with the maturing. In this case the subject of the following article is going to be varicose veins symptoms and factors that have an effect on your leg look and feeling and also varicose veins treatment. You heard that right, lots of the issues have to deal with the health of your veins.

Varicose veins symptoms can appear anywhere in your body but most frequently affect legs and feet. Although they could be hurtful, they are usually harmless. When inflamed, they become tender to touch and will result in itchy skin, swollen ankles, and aching in the impacted limb. Other unpleasant symptoms you might experience include: dark blue blood vessels, heavy or painful legs after standing for any amount of time, heaviness in a limb, sometimes with swelling (if without visible blue vein, may be a signal of a deep varicose vein), discolored, peeling skin, skin ulcers and frequent pain.

Exactly what causes this? Specialists assume that inheritance is one of the causes. For those who have a medical history of varicose veins symptoms in your family members than it is entirely possible that you are likely to have them too. Secondly, pregnancy can also cause the disease. There will be a lot additional pressure on the legs from the bodyweight of the baby, thus making the veins "wear out" more quickly as the blood pressure dilates the veins. Third, age will cause your veins to get weaker and stretched out. And last of all it's the lifestyle. Continuous sitting and/or standing regularly in addition to incorrect diet and unhealthy weight can contribute to varicose veins and produce the symptoms a whole lot worse.

Oh and, if you feel this information by any means relevant to you, don't stress - you're not alone.:) In the United States, practically ten percent and 20 percent of all adult both males and females (forty one % of women between forty and fifty!) respectively are afflicted by the illness to some extent and need treatment.

A mild case of the illness doesn't usually require a doctor's attention. You will find your relief using various varicose veins treatment. It's the one most favored methods of dealing with the condition. You can find quite a range of treatment readily available for you to look at. A lot of them are natural, very effective (based on the individuals who tried them and experts who advise them to their patients to battle the symptoms) and obtainable without prescription and in many cases on-line.

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