Understanding Postpartum Clothing

by Nicky Pilkington - Date: 2006-11-11 - Word Count: 442 Share This!

The same way most pregnant women dream of the day when they will begin showing for wearing maternity clothes, some women have the false misconception that they will be able to wear tight jeans and other apparel suitable for models or slim women shortly after birth.

Maybe you did not gain too much weight during your pregnancy, but that does not mean that you will be able to wear your every day clothing right after having your baby. Apart from your abdominal muscles, all your body needs to regain tone, and it is more likely that you will not be in shape for the first three postpartum months.

Besides, you need comfortable clothes to avoid the sensation that delivery left in your abdominal and pelvic region, but that is not all. During your pregnancy, your breast increased in size to get ready for breast-feeding, and until you quit breast-feeding your breast will not recover their original size before getting pregnant.

Furthermore, loose clothing is more recommended for breast-feeding, so instead of thinking of your old-time apparel, invest some money in nice looking clothes that fit your actual figure and will serve for your next pregnancy, when you need to feel comfortable.

Some women feel depressed after postpartum because they do not look as they use to do nine months behind, others because of postpartum depression try to look slimmer in just a few days after they give birth.

Whatever your case, remember that you feel the way you look. Some women decide to continue using their maternity clothes, but there is no reason to avoid going shopping and find postpartum apparel.

Otherwise, buy common clothing but one or two sizes bigger than your size before pregnancy. Sometimes it is your family or friends will have the solution to improve your self-esteem.

Get back to your baby showers presents, maybe somebody thought of you and there is a charming postpartum dress among the gifts. If you are not planning to have another baby, and want to save some money, adjust your maternity clothes to match your figure.

Sometimes a simple belt around your waist or any other accessory can make a big difference. Whether you buy new clothes or use those already in your wardrobe, look for skirts, shorts or pants with elastic waistbands or drawstring, as well as loose-fitting dresses.

Avoid dark colors to disguise your body's shape. All people who know that you gave birth understand your extra weight and lack of muscles' tone, but especially because there is nothing to hide. You have your baby in your arms and this fact is enough to celebrate dressing in bright colors that cheers up your spirit, increasing your well-being.

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