Foods To Eat To Gain Weight

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Malnutrition has the same degree of problem as obesity. There are people who are too skinny, they find a hard time in gaining weight. Nutritionist and other health experts agree that it is on the food and activities that affects their not gaining weight. Food in particular makes a lot of difference. But aside from this genes and functional activities also adds up to the difference. However, whatever activities we might have and genes we got from our parents would be hard to deviate. We all know that being too skinny is not good in aesthetic and nutritional sense. Many people wonder how they can get the perfect body, not too fat and not too skinny. On this article you can see the ways that will help you improve your weight by changing your diet. These are the sets of food you can eat in order to gain weight.

Gaining weight can be predicted by analyzing your food habits. We can remember Dr. Jurgen Habermas, a German philosopher, says, "What you eat is what you become". In philosophical and psychological sense of course it means differently, however, nutritionally speaking this is true. We become what we eat. Foods affect our lives and our nutrition dynamically. If you eat until you are full up to the throat, it is not impossible that you get fat in few months. However, if the foods you are eating are not nutritious you most likely have a non-satisfactory result. So what are the foods we can eat in order to gain weight?

The Healthy Weight Gain

This is consists of lean protein, veggies, fruits, less fat and small amount of carbohydrates. Protein helps you to build muscles and not fats, and veggies and fruits add water to the body and carbohydrates maintains the energy level you need for everyday activities; the effect, 30% who follows this diet gain weight in period of 1 month and also has a healthy heart and less fat. You can definitely gain weight without risking your health.

The Lifestyle Check

Most people want to add some spice in their life. This does not mean you eat Mexican or Thai foods but what this means are cocktails. Yes, alcohol and especially wine drinkers and party goers have a better chance of gaining weight. This is not because they get what they want on parties but the foods and most of the venues most likely convenient in developing high-calorie intake. Check the foods at the buffets. However, moderate eaters, have the best chance of gaining weight. This is because the calories are dissolved efficiently and if not used it adds up to your big tummy bank.

Fats and sweets are always responsible

Because of the sweets and fats gaining weight should never be a problem. But take note over-consumption of either food group would mean a health risk. This should not be abused it can lead into various diseases such as diabetes, heart failure and even kidney malfunctions. We should watch our health not only about gaining weight. It should be in a healthy way so we decrease the possibility of future problems.

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