Drugs - the Last Alternative for Adhd in Kids

by J. Brian Keith - Date: 2006-10-30 - Word Count: 328 Share This!

Anyone over the age of thirty who has grown up with ADHD understands that there was not much help available. In fact, there was no name for it, let alone any programs available to help people with the problems they faced. Although the purpose here is not to explain what ADHD is or to tell personal stories or struggles with it, but rather to explain briefly many people's belief that there are alternatives to drugs, who also believe drugs should be the last alternative only under the most extreme circumstances.

Many programs, classes and courses have been offered in recent years to help cope with learning disabilities. There is a new and exciting "Brain Training" Program that has just recently been introduced.

BrainSkills is a brand-new, up scale, brain training program for enhancing mental skills, your learning and processing capabilities.

First, let us say what BrainSkills training is NOT. BrainSkills is not like schoolwork. The authors seems to have deliberately made it different than classroom and homework assignments. It doesn't teach subjects like math and history and social studies. It works on the underlying learning skills that are necessary for success in those academic subjects and many more.

BrainSkills training has a positive impact because it's intense, sequenced and one on one. The exercises are really like physical therapy for your brain. Like games and contests, the training exercises are stimulating and satisfying.

With success comes the desire to do it again and again. As tasks are repeated skills are rewarded and new skills are strengthened.

Society today seems to want to put labels on everything, although many believe that labels for behavioral disorders are just so drugs can be prescribed by doctors, they do seem to make it easier in discussing problems such as ADHD. Aside from what the big drug manufacturers may want us to believe, the fact is that drugs should always be the very last alternative to any problem, certainly at least second to some positive training or learning program.

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