Five Effective Household Back Pain Treatments

by Nikola Govorko - Date: 2006-11-22 - Word Count: 609 Share This!

Back pain treatment comes in lots of forms, from exercise to pain mediction. Standard and most widespread back pain remedy is treatment by cold and hot compresses. In severe cases surgery can also be used.

A few words of caution - in case that after a couple of weeks of treatment you do not experience any improvement or you experience any of the subsequent symptoms call your doctor right away:
-Leg pain, bellow the knee
-Leg or groin numbness
-Excessive sweating, fever, weakness, vomiting or nausea
-Bowel movement or urinary control loss

Here are some examples of back pain treatments:

1. Resting crucial to permit your body to heal after back injury. frequently used with people who experience acute pain. nonetheless do not lie motionless for to long as a little movement can help you relief the stiffness caused by lying still. It might also warm up the back muscles, thus providing further relief.

2. Use cold/hot compresses this home back pain remedy can be used separately or you can alternate between the two. One of the best and fastest back pain treatments, you should feel almost immediate improvement.

Warmth relaxes the back muscles, dilates the blood vessels, which helps to improve blood flow, thus providing injured area with increased oxygen which helps reduce the muscle spasm and pain.

However be careful when using this treatment because prolonged heat exposure can have a negative effect on abdominal region organs. Under no circumstances should you sleep with heating pad. Use it instead for 20 30 minutes max.

Cold packs however are used more to reduce inflammation (sports injuries for example) and back pain caused by arthritis. Cold packs work the opposite way from heat packs. Cold decreases blood vessel size and reduces blood flow to the affected area. Just like with using heat packs avoid prolonged usage.

You can buy special liquid packs which can be heated or cooled and used as back pain treatment. You can find those in every pharmacy.

Or you can use the old fashioned way and place a bag of ice or frozen vegetables, wrap it in a cloth and apply to the injured area. Similarly you can use towels soaked in hot water.

3. Exercise for back pain this is a long term and the best approach to this problem. It will reduce stiffness and relieve the spine compression which will help reduce the back pain.

In the same time suitable exercises will provide additional strength to the muscles of the legs, abdomen and buttocks. This will provide better support for your body in the middle area.

Physical therapist or your doctor will provide training regimen suitable for you.

4. Massage another favorite home back pain remedy. It increases blood flow to the injured area and relaxes lower back muscles at the same time.

You can find registered massage therapists by searching online or through the yellow pages.

A word of caution here, if you have chronic back problem and you need prolonged massage therapy you should get registered trained therapist, because massage by untrained person can cause more damage then good.

5.Using non-prescription medications - a wide variety of medications is used as back pain treatment, ranging from pills to ointments and creams.

Medications such as Tylenol or Aspirin can be used as pain suppressors. Icy Hot, Ben Gay and Zostrix are examples of topical medications (cream, ointments).

Non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory medications are used for swelling reduction. Some of these are Advil, Motrin, Aleve and Orudis.

If non-prescription drugs prove to be ineffective your doctor will provide stronger prescription medications.

And once again at the end - if you constantly feel pain even after a few weeks of therapy go and see your doctor.

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