Does your Breath Smell Like the Backend of a Garbage Truck

by Abigail Franks - Date: 2007-03-22 - Word Count: 394 Share This!

There are few jobs as physical, dirty and smelly is picking up the trash every week. Those big garbage trucks come lumbering down the street and there is no denying that they're both dirty and smelly. These trucks may offer some insight into why your breath smells.

It's been said that a person's mouth is actually the dirtiest part of the body. This no doubt is due to the many bacteria that grows naturally in that wet cavity known as your mouth. While Halitosis or smelly breath may be a sign of a serious disease, it's usually much more likely to be caused with something common to the trash truck. Namely, there's a direct relationship between dirty and smelly.

A clean trash truck does not smell any worse than any other vehicle. It's the dirt and rotting debris in the little cracks and crevices that make for that distinctive smell. The same unfortunately is true of our mouth.

A mouth has a number of bacteria that begins breaking down our food even before it swallowed. During chewing, tiny food particles are lodged in our gums and between our teeth. Over time, these food particles begin to decompose or rot and cause the distinctive bad breath that's so common.

To make matters a little worse, bacteria on our tongue builds up and also begins to smell.
Good dental hygiene that includes regular teeth brushing and flossing between each tooth will correct most bad breath situations. That brushing after every meal and flossing daily can go a long way to keeping anyone's breath smelling great.

One good way to keep your breath smelling its best is to keep your tongue clean. This is accomplished using a terry cloth washcloth and cold water only, no soap. Take a portion of the washcloth and literally wash your tongue. You will probably find it so refreshing that you will also massage your gums and cheek area inside your mouth.

While there are many products on the market like tongue scrapers that promise to clean your tongue, the washcloth method is the easiest and simplest to use. It's also leads your mouth much more pleasant and feeling refreshed.

Believe it or not, what you eat has little bearing on the long-term smell of your breath. Although garlic, onions, and many strong foods and flavor your breath odor temporarily, a clean mouth is key to pleasant breath

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