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The H3 which is the latest model in the Hummer range was first introduced last May 2005 in the United States. It delivers genuine Hummer styling and off-road capability in a mid-size SUV package that makes the Hummer brand accessible to a wider audience. The H3 is also equipped with the best quality SUV truck parts that ensure high performance with great handling ability.

The H3's bold looks clearly shows it Hummer heritage. Its wide track, short overhangs, and huge tires provide it with distinctive visual cues and highlight the solid off-road performance of the vehicle. The H3's flat, chiseled surfaces are unmistakably Hummer, same with its upright windshield and windows. The signature seven-slot louvered grille, round headlights in their square surrounds and pronounced fender flares provide the impression of the vehicle being carved from a solid block of metal.

The Hummer H3 is approximately 90% scaled down as compared to its larger H2 sibling. Its length is comparable to that of a mid-size sedan in American or a large sedan in South Africa. The H3 is easier to maneuver in urban environment while its legendary off-road capability provides it with an exceptional crawling and climbing abilities making it a true Sport Utility Vehicle. The H3 has a turning circle of just 11.3 meters which makes urban driving, parking, and maneuvering in tight off-road conditions possible.

The H3 was engineered by General Motors to lead the mid-size SUVs market segment. At the core of the H3 is an advanced electronically controlled four-wheel-drive system, amplified by a full range of driver aids including traction control that will allow traction to be delivered to just one wheel if the other three are unable to gain control on a slippery surface or if ever they are off the ground.

An all-inclusive under body shielding ensures a high level of protection. And one of the amazing o0ff-road capabilities of the H3 is its ability to cross water at a depth of 407 mm at a speed of 32 km/h and cross a 610 mm deep section of water at 8km/h. The H3 is also highly reliable over rocky and sandy surfaces and can climb a 407 mm high vertical step.

The H3 has a ground clearance of 216 mm and the maximum break-over angle or the ability to drive over a sharp ridge without the underside snagging is 23.5°. Clearances allow the H3 to clear large obstacles when driving off-road. A maximum approach angle of 37.5° and a departure angle of 34.6° enable the H3 to drive through deep, steep sided, obstacles without getting stuck at the front or rear.

The H3 not only boast of its uncompromising off-road capability but also of its high level of comfort and convenience turning it into one amazing ride. Its interior as to be expected is stylish and modern combined with premium cues and world class craftsmanship. A comprehensive list of options is also made available to further enhance driving experience.

The H3 is powered by GM's Vortec engine which is an inline, five-cylinder, 3.7 liter engine with dual overhead camshafts and variable valve timing designed exclusively for this type of application. The Vortec engine also provides excellent balance of power and efficiency producing power of 180kW@5600 r/min and torque of 328 Nm@4600 r/min. It achieves such power with only an average fuel usage of just 14.7 liters per 100 km.

The H3 is also the first Hummer to offer options of either manual or automatic transmission but auto transmission has remained to be the standard option for the H3 until today. The manual transmission is a smooth shifting five-speed unit while the automatic transmission is GM's Hydra-Matic 4L60 four-speed electronically controlled unit.

The design of the H3 embodies a combination of various structural elements that further ensure the protection of occupants especially in the events of a crash. Moreover, its wide array of advanced safety systems that include a reinforced passenger compartment safety cage, a frontal dual-stage air-bag system with passenger sensing to turn the airbag on or off as needed, tire pressure monitoring system, ABS brakes, StabiliTrak stability and traction control--- all assists in preventing crash and boosting protection.

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