Improve the Value of Your Truck With a Truck Bed Cover

by J Labens - Date: 2010-11-19 - Word Count: 546 Share This!

If you are a truck owner and are looking for a way to increase the value and also protect your investment, you should consider installing a truck bed cover. This will dramatically increase the value of your truck and also will protect your cargo from the elements and also from theft.

Tonneau covers will also help to reduce the drag and improve fuel efficiency. This can be a huge savings in fuel costs and may well be the best upgrade you can add to your truck by far. A cover will also help to protect the valuables that you store in the back of your truck bed from walking off. You will be able to store much more gear in your truck with the use of a bed cover because with the protection of the cover your gear will not be exposed to the weather and will not be ruined if let in your truck bed for a extended amount of time.

One of the downfalls to truck covers is the fact that they can be bulky and is often very cumbersome to remove when needing to use the entire bed or haul material such as gravel or topsoil or haul loads that extend above the bed line. The Extang tonneau cover eliminates this problem by using a Velcro system that is lace on the truck side rails and allows for easy and quick installation and removal when needed. Always have quick access to your cargo or load at a moment's notice with this cover. Some models come with bulky snaps and zippers that are constantly coming loose or are near impossible to secure. You can rest assured that with the Extang models this is never an issue and you will enjoy the security of your cargo being stored safe and secure for years to come.

The Extang model covers are also shipped preassembled and ready to be installed on your truck bed the day they come to your door. No need for drilling holes in your trucks side rails which will dramatically decrease the resale value of the truck and can be very frustrating in being able to correctly drill the holes in to the bed in the first place. These covers are made of aluminum and are very lightweight and are secured to the truck frame with a Velcro system that is a state of the art system in the industry today.

Once you make the decision to purchase a bed cover for your truck another accessory you will want to purchase is a cargo bar that goes across the width of the bed and allows cargo to be stored near the tailgate without it sliding to the rear of the truck bed. This will allow easier access as well to your cargo when you need it and will prevent the need to climb in and out of the truck bed. This will significantly reduce time spent on looking for items that have slid to the front of the truck bed and may not be easily found if the bar ids not in use. Be sure to keep all of your cargo secure and out of the weather with a good truck bed today. The best upgrade for the least amount of investment for your truck by far.

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