The Various Benefits Of Summer Tires

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As you probably know , different tires are optimized for different conditions. Not only that, something you probably don't know is that they most often pose a risk if used in the wrong conditions. Tires are most often made so that they can excel in one type of conditions, but since that has an impact on their other characteristics, you have to choose wisely and to consider where and when you'll drive your car. There are no perfect tires that match every condition, though the tires that regularly come with new cars are called all-season tires , and they're a pretty good compromise with a balanced compound that leaves you with something that can do the trick, but won't perform so well.

So if summer's coming , your best bet are the summer tires. Summer tires are made to endure the dry and hot roads in the summer in order to provide the best performance available, with a good grip on the road, better handling and a formula that allows them to wear off harder. What happens most often is, during the dry summer months and the heat, the tires get harder. The summer tires are optimized with a soft compound that allows them not to harden , and thus makes them have a better grip. The softer compound also explains why it takes them more time to wear off, compared to regular , all-season tires. Summer tires also have appropriately chosen tread patterns.

Good as they may be on the dry and hot summer roads, you should not use summer tires in the winter , since that can cost you many things - from a minor accident and to serious injury, or even your life. What's the difference ? Well you've probably already figured out that since the conditions in summer and winter are exactly the opposite, that may have some effect on the tire's design. Also , winter tires need a specific pattern with deeper and bigger fragments of the tire's groove in order to allow for water , slush and snow to drain. On the other hand, summer tires were made for dry roads, which means such a tread pattern is not common in them, and they're not made to withstand these conditions , so basically driving with them is a major risk to safety above everything else.

Comfort is another thing to consider - if you choose the wrong set of tires it is highly likely that you will have a most uncomfortable ride. Also , fuel usage. If you use winter tires in the summer for example, you'll make it harder for your car to move and this way you will increase the fuel costs by simply having to load more and more fuel into the tank. So , that way it will be more pricy for you to drive your car, instead of making the simple investment of buying tires that are more appropriate. Chances are , your new tires will not only cover your fuel costs ,but in time pay off for themselves and provide you with a more pleasant and safe trip.

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