How to Remove Window Tint

by Brenda H. Murphy - Date: 2007-02-21 - Word Count: 466 Share This!

Applying tinting film to car or household windows may be fun, but removing it can be tricky if you don't take your time. Here are a few ways to get rid of tinting film when it starts to bubble and look shabby or when you just get tired of the look. The methods are similar for removing tinting film from car and household windows.

First, gather your tools and supplies. Some type of knife will be needed to strip the film. A utility knife with a wide blade or an X-Acto(r) knife would do the job. Make sure you have several black thirty gallon trash bags available. The bigger the bag, the easier it will be to cut it to fit the size of your car window. You will also need fine steel wool pads, paper towels, glass cleaner, a drop cloth, and ammonia. If you prefer not to use straight ammonia because of the smell and inhalation hazards, choose a general cleaning product that contains ammonia. These will do, but read the label to make sure that ammonia is an ingredient.

To begin, the tinting film needs to be softened for removal. Spray the outside of the back car window with water. Tear open a trash bag and cover the window with it. Use the knife or a pair of scissors to cut the bag to fit the window. On the inside of the back window, remove all items from the window and the back seat. Lay a drop cloth over the back seat and the area directly under the back window to protect them from damage. Spray ammonia over the entire inside of the glass. A mask and goggles would keep the ammonia fumes from harming you. Again, fit a trash bag to the inside of the window. The bags keep the solutions from evaporating as they soften the tinting film. If it is a sunny day, turn the car so that the rear window or whatever car window you are working on gets the full force of the sun's rays. If no sun is about, try the car's defroster. Wait at least ten minutes before trying to strip the film.

For household windows, use soapy water to soften the tinting film instead of ammonia. No trash bags are needed for the windows in your house. Once the film has softened, start at the corner of the film and with your knife, peel the film back slowly. Once the film has been removed, clean the car windows with steel wool to remove residual pieces. Then use glass cleaner and paper towels. Household windows shouldn't need more than glass cleaner and paper towels to clean them. The removal process is now complete.

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