Buying From Car and Truck Auctions in Canada

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Buying a vehicle from an auction can be a good way to pick up a bargain as long as you know what you are doing. They offer a wide range of vehicles at a range of prices which does mean you can make huge savings compared to the garage forecourt prices you would expect to pay. So here are some tips on buying from car and truck auctions in Canada.

First of all even if you do not know exactly what vehicle you want do go there knowing your maximum budget. It is important that you know how much you are going to be able to spend and do not let yourself get drawn into an auction battle where you suddenly discover you have shot through your budget and this really is easy to do so you need to be strong and resist.

You are able to view the vehicles before the auction starts so do so carefully. It does help if you have some mechanical knowledge but if you do not then take someone along with you who does as they can spot things that might not be quite right that you would miss yourself. It can really help stop you from buying something that is actually terrible.

In order to maximise your potential savings you should try and pick and choose the times of the auctions that you go to. It is well known that auctions that are at the weekend or even during school holidays can have higher prices than those on a normal week day. This is of course because more people are able to go so you have much more competition for the car or truck as a result so try and avoid these times.

Pay attention to the buyers premium for your auction as you are going to have this to pay on top of the price for the vehicle. This price can vary from location to location so make sure you know what it is before you start bidding and work out how it affects your budget before you get caught up in things.

You do not get a guarantee with this kind of auction although if something is drastically wrong then you may be able to argue the case but do remember once it is bought it is yours to own. If it costs you a lot of money to get it road worthy then that is your fault for not checking it over correctly.

One tip is not to come over as a private buyer but instead just follow the dealers. It has been known for dealers to play with private buyers and force the price up just like a little game so do not let yourself to be drawn into this either.

So basically when you are buying from car and truck auctions make sure you check it all over before the auction and stick to your budget. You can easily pick up a great vehicle for less than you expect but there is always the chance that if you are not careful you are going to be left with something that is a complete nightmare for you to deal with.

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