Baldness What Are The Signs For Hair Lose

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Baldness against the common generalization that it is prevalent only in adults has been found in teenagers too in some cases. There are varieties of reasons that can cause ‘Alopecia Universalis', a state of baldness where one loses hair from all over the body including head.

Baldness comes with various reactions including the psychological ones. While some take it as a condition others try to find reasons to cure it. Baldness in young age (teens) is a temporary condition and has cure for it.

While the general reason behind baldness is the genetic history of baldness in the family of a person, but there are many cases of hair loss or baldness where the genetic history plays no role. Such cases occur due to the medical illness or an imbalanced hormonal condition in the body of the particular person. Often, people suffering from conditions like diabetes, thyroid or week immune system tend to lose hair even with healthy genetic history. While some may have patches of baldness due to ill medical conditions, some also experience hair loss due to strong medication causing side effects. Hair loss due to side effects of a medicine or a drug is usually seen in young boys or girls.

Some of the medical conditions which cause hair loss or baldness are cancer, leukemia, kidney/liver problem and skin problem (Alopecia areata). Also, there have been cases of hair loss in people undergoing depression or stressful life or any psychological disorder.

Apart from medical or practical reasons of baldness, hair loss can also come if one does not takes a proper care of his/her hair. For example, men and women tend to treat their hair with various creams and shampoos and coloring available in the market which can be a reason of weak or damage hair cells. These harmful cosmetic chemical treatments damages hair roots and hair cells causing heavy hair loss and damaged texture resulting baldness.

The variety of reasons behind baldness also includes lack of right food intake which causes deficiency of desired vitamins, proteins and minerals in the body. Low intake of calcium and iron also shows the hair loss effects. People with eating disorders and anemia person have a good tendency of losing hair.

Lack of good food, lack of sleep, lack of care, imbalanced body cycle, deficiency, diseases and many more such reasons causes a person (adult and teenager) to lose hair, but in many cases hair loss can be repaired and removed. Lastly, growing age is also another hair losing factor in human being.

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