Finding Personal Car Registration Plates for British Vehicle Owners

by Ross O'donnell - Date: 2007-03-27 - Word Count: 576 Share This!

From the clothes we wear and the way we decorate our homes to the type of music we listen to, many aspects of our lives demonstrate our own tastes and personalities. More and more motorists are choosing to carry on this trend onto their otherwise standard vehicles by finding personal registration plates for their cars. In their simplest form a British car registration is used to identify vehicles on our roads. However in a more exciting and popular light, a car registration can personalize our vehicles and enable us to make our individual mark on our cars. Over 3500 new car registrations are sold each week in the UK and this number continues to rise.

Since the introduction of the internet, finding personal car registration plates for British vehicle owners is incredibly easy. With an average of 30 millions car registrations available at any one time, number plate dealers provide easy to navigate websites to narrow down your search as quickly as possible. Vehicle registration numbers are available in many formats including dateless number plates, suffix and prefix car registrations and the new style of British car registrations that the DVLA currently issue.

When finding car registration plates there are countless personal ideas to search for. Many personal car registration numbers on today's roads read peoples names or initials. Name plates account for some of the most expensive number plates on the market and many are worth several thousand pounds. Thankfully cheaper alternatives are available and the majority of people who are finding personal car registrations opt for a car registration plate with their initials. This difference in price occurs because there are many combinations of initials available however with name plates there is just one perfect combination. Thousands of car registration numbers are now available for under £300.

Other popular searches when finding personal car registration plates are numbers relating to a date of birth or lucky and sacred numbers such as 7, 888 and 786. Many businesses also purchase vehicle registration for fleet cars and delivery vans to attract attention on the roads with a piece of unique advertising. Business car registration plates could read the company name, manager's initials or words relating to their industry. Pimlico Plumbers in London are no strangers to this with their highly amusing and valuable collection of plumbing related car registration numbers. They own vehicle registrations such as LAV 1, BOG 1, W4 TER and DRA 1N amongst many others, all of which are assigned to their fleet of work vans.

Once you have found your new car registrations you can assign them to your vehicle at your local DVLA office or by posting your application to DVLA Swansea. You will need to include your V5 logbook and MOT certificate if applicable and in return you will receive a new tax disc displaying the new car registration and an update V5 logbook will follow a couple of weeks later. The new tax disc will have the same amount of license period left on it. Once assigned to a vehicle there are no other costs involved and British car registrations do not affect car insurance premiums.

Alternatively new car registrations can be kept on certificate for up to 12 months and then renewed annually for £25 payable to the DVLA. This feature allows people who are finding personal car registration plates to buy them even if they do not have a vehicle to assign the new car registration to.

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Ross O'Donnell writes for British car registration specialists Cape Plates. Cape Plates online store offers millions of vehicle registrations to choose from and provides several search options for finding car registration plates. Cape Plates can assign your new car registration free of charge and provide acrylic number plates with your order

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