Stress Relievers Come in Different Forms

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The search for stress relievers has become an integral part of modern life. Stress occurs when actual experiences fall below expectations. For example, you expect some respect and dignity but find your boss shouting at you, making you look undignified.

In the primitive hunter-gatherer communities, people didn't expect much beyond food, shelter and companionship. And it was comparatively easy to get these in their wild environs.

In modern life, however, expectations are high and it is inevitable that most of these expectations won't be fulfilled. The result is wide prevalence of stress. Because stress is an unpleasant experience, its victims look for stress relievers.

And stress relievers come in many different forms.

Are You Stressed?

If you are constantly rushing about or worrying about things, it is likely that you are a victim of stress. Other symptoms of stress include a great need for stimulants like food, alcohol, sex, accomplishments and so on.

Stress could also manifest itself in bodily tensions - tightening of the muscles of the neck, shoulders, back, stomach, etc. It could even lead to pain.

There is a general inability to relax and enjoy the beautiful things of life.

How Can You Get Relief From Stress?

There is no single thing or practice that could act as a complete stress reliever. In fact, if you focus on a single practice, you might probably be worsening the situation.

Instead, combine a number of practices - physical and mental.

First of all, learn to accept the occasional stresses of everyday life. Don't try to escape them. A little stress can improve your performance.

Instead of constantly telling yourself to relax, or to avoid unpleasant emotions, learn to take these daily stresses in your stride. Handle them appropriately.

That said, find time to relax and enjoy the things around you. Become part of some group and enjoy the company. Go on an occasional vacation and recharge yourself. Walk among the trees, go boating on a quiet river, or do whatever is pleasing and calming to you.

There are also some regular practices that you can follow to become more relaxed.

The slow movements, deep breathing in and out and the relaxed poses involved in Yoga have benefited many to find relief from stress.

Meditation involves focusing your mind, in a relaxed manner, on a single point - such as your breathing. It can take your mind off tension-causing distractions and help improve your concentration and performance.

Aerobic dancing to soothing music might be the remedy that proves effective for other people. Different practices have different impact on different people.

If you are pressed for time, as when you are in office, you can try to get some relief using such aids as squeezing stress balls or playing with stress toys. For example, you can take out some frustration on a stress toy, or, when you have done for the day, squeeze a stress ball to improve blood circulation to your hands and rejuvenate them.


Stress is part of modern living. The wide prevalence of stress has led to the popularity of stress relievers. Stress relievers come in different forms. In fact, experts recommend that you combine a number of practices to get stress relief, such as learning to enjoy the beautiful things of life, going on an occasional vacation and following some regular relaxation routine like Yoga. When pressed for time, aids like stress balls can come to your aid.

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