How To Touch More Clients For Referrals

by Daryl Logullo - Date: 2007-01-18 - Word Count: 408 Share This!

Interested in more referrals? Want to guarantee success in any referral marketing program? Here is a tip: Try looking at your existing clients, first.

While this isn't a profound strategy I admit, it is amazing to me how often I see that it is overlooked. Plenty of businesses and business people need to be reminded.

I don't mean putting together some wishy-washy, lukewarm appreciations or referral ideas that most businesses have, such as calendars, birthday cards or fruit baskets. I mean grabbing insight into your client that is so intense that it is not new clients, but old that end up adding to your growth.

Taken together, both old and new clients are a powerhouse to more referrals and a stellar referral program. I am not sure who said it first, "Your best prospects are your existing clients." This is, indeed, a very simple yet true statement.

Are you putting your referral efforts into your existing clients? Are you positioning yourself for reselling? Upselling? Cross-selling? Are you staying in touch everyway possible? Try it.

Some ideas I can think of to subtly remind your clients you want referrals include using package inserts, regular mailings, special offers, coupons, referral letters, short notes, article clippings, and yes, even e-mails.

The point is to stay in touch about referrals. This gets theem used to you, and puts you first when they run into a family member or business associated who needs expertise, such as yours.

Follow these steps to more client referrals and more business:

1. Keep in touch. All clients want to feel special and that you have an interest in their needs.

2. Provide reassurances after purchase. Every time a client places an order, call them a few days later and see how it's going.
This will keep the "post-purchase" devil from rearing his ugly head.

3. Give clients the best deals possible, including guarantees that you can get away with.

4. Use 'preferred pricing', let 'old' clients in on the best deals. Give them first crack at buying before new clients.

5. Build trust. Be honest. Think about the people or business you buy from. It's probably because you trust them. People do business with those they trust.

Remember: People bought from you. They will keep buying and re-buying only if they have a good experience and, of course, hear from you regularly.

Follow these rules and you will generate more consistent referrals in your business every month.

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