Does Mattress Manufacturer In China Reliable?

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The time we spend on bed is almost 1/3 of our whole life! So it's very important for everybody to select a good mattress. There're many famous brands of mattress from worldwide, especially in Europe and U.S, such as Sealy, Simmons, Serta, TempurPedic, etc. According to different sleeping habit, the market carries size in full, twin, king, queen and irregular size & shape.

Nowadays, the most common mattress is bonnel spring mattress, and memory foam mattress and pocket spring mattress and latex mattress becoming popular these years for more comfortable sleep.

Indeed, the mattress from those great brands are very comfortable and really in perfect quality. But, the price is much much high too. Most consumers will not really satisfied with the high price.

For a long time, we have no choice but pay for the money if you want to have better sleep.

As people life quality rises in the worldwide,more and more people attach great importance to sleep quality.The potential market of mattress is enormous. Many business man placed their hope on China Mattress Manufacturer, hope they can find same quality at much lower rate from China Mattress Manufacturer, and get good profit in their local market. Including many great brands, they cooperate with China Mattress Manufacturer or invested a producing plant in China.

In order to enter high grade market, China Mattress Manufacturer introduced the advanced technology and latest equipment as well as modern design from Europe and U.S, they use the same material to make mattress with quality equal to great brands, but much lower rate.

Why Mattress Manufactured in China so cheap? How about the quality? As a overseas market sales, I often hear such doubts.And they say that China Manufacturer are "sham".

My reply is : we have the same technology and same equipment as developed countries, and we have high quality workers, what's more, many raw materials are imported from the developed countries, everything are the same, why worried about the quality?

The only difference for low price is none design and cheap labour in China. As a Chinese, I feel pain.

Many Mattress factory located in China, but with headquaters in U.S, Europe,many people in the world don't like "made in china", although they know the perfect mattress are from China Mattress Manufacturer ver well.

I once saw the advertise for alibaba and made-in-china, the ads showed a series of goods made in China, from shoes and fridges to ipods and airplanes. They all have one thing in common: none are designed in China. The shoes are made in China with American sports technology. The fridges are made in China with European styling. Even the dresses are made in China with a French designer.

With or without the advertisement, the country has already established its status as the world's factory. It may reinforce the good quality of Chinese-made goods but it also highlights a truth that China is nothing but a manufacturer.

It's one thing to earn money by relying on a large population; it's another to forget we can do more than simply producing. I don't know how much China has gained from its cheap labor, but I do hope our labor can get more benefits day by day, I hope made in China no longer cheap.

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