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by Ken Harrington - Date: 2007-01-26 - Word Count: 401 Share This!

There are many different ways in which businesses of today approach potential prospects and customers - e-mail, the Internet, direct mail, commercial advertisements, the yellow pages and more. Each and every day consumers are bombarded with sales pitches which make them skeptical when the time comes to search for and purchase a desired product or service.

Would you be excited if you found a form of marketing that created credibility, ended barriers of distrust, and was able to expand your business in a most cost-effective and time-efficient way? Look no further, there IS a way! It is called referral marketing. This is an orderly process that you are able to put into place in order to capture qualified prospects by way of partnerships that are forged with people in your own community.

Advertising, which is a traditional marketing venture, no longer appeals to the masses. There is an unfavorable reaction to overpowering marketing techniques and messages. Therefore, the messages you communicate and the tools you use definitely do have an impact on your chances of not only sustaining but of building your referral base.

Today, consumers choose nearly half of service-providing businesses due to a recommendation. Isn't it time to rethink your marketing strategies and begin interacting with clients - your very best clients - to build income and achieve the greatest return on your investment?

Why is a referral so powerful? It comes from a client who has experienced your services personally. Another good source for referrals is your colleagues. The right business associate or colleague will often be willing to stake his reputation by recommending your particular service to his own inner circle in which he works and lives.

Most often, these referrals do not cost you anything other than the time needed to ask for the recommendation. Yet, so many are afraid to ask for referrals. Many small business owners make the mistake of not instituting a referral program. Please do not make such a mistake. Institute a referral program in addition to your other marketing efforts.

If you have trouble satisfying your existing customers, then your referral business will more than likely suffer. Customer satisfaction is very necessary with the ultra-competitive marketplace we live in today. To ensure that you will have plenty of paying customers for the future, make sure to plan your referral program properly. Put your program into action and begin promoting it to your sources. The rewards will definitely come over time.

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Ken Harrington is an expert in the field of Referral Marketing. He helps businesses grow beyond what they previously thought was possible. And all for a fraction of the cost of their current marketing strategies. Visit FirstUp Marketing to find out more.

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